Coping Strategies

Setting Goals With ADHD

As I talked about a few posts ago, there's no shortage of ways to be unproductive with ADHD. From procrastination to distraction, ADHD has plenty of tricks for sabotaging your productivity.
The good news is that there are a few tools you can use to fight back. One is setting goals. I believe that being clear about what your goals are is one of the most effective things you can do to stay productive in the face of whatever obstacles ADHD throws your way.


How to Write a Misleading Article About ADHD

Just when you think the media have gotten all the mileage they can out of articles calling ADHD a fake disorder, there's another flurry of these pieces. This time the occasion is Alan Schwarz's new book, ADHD Nation. I haven't read it, but if the reviews and the author's history writing about ADHD at the New York Times are any indication, the book's analysis is about as thoughtful and evenhanded as the title would suggest.