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5 Kinds of People You Should Ignore If You Have ADHD

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  1. #6 ignore people who say if you weren’t diagnosed as a child then you aren’t ADHD. Many adults with years of undiagnosed ADHD have already lived without support, treatment. Self-esteem has often suffered enough without now being told your wrong yet again. Or just giving that look like you are just making excuses. You don’t have to justify or prove your symptoms are real, better to ignore.

  2. So, is it rude to reply “I had no idea” when someone reveals they’ve ADHD?
    Also, someone I care about very much has this and, while he’s on meds, he seems unable to focus on more than one thing, which I don’t feel is how one should behave. Maybe I’m confused…

    • I definitely wouldn’t consider that rude. If someone reveals they have ADHD, you can’t go wrong as long as you’re open-minded and willing to listen. What I was talking about in this post was people who have made up their minds that someone can’t possibly have ADHD or that ADHD doesn’t exist without really understanding what ADHD is in the first place.

      As far as the meds, I obviously don’t know much about the specifics of his situation, but one thing to keep in mind is that finding the right med and the right dosage is an individual process that can take some time. If he’s experiencing significant side effects or feels “medicated” in a bad way, he should talk to his doctor about it.

      Hope this helps!

  3. Spot on – love this article. So sad that there are those folks who have no idea but talk and act as if they do. Yuck! When I’m approached by these kind, my eyes glaze over (on purpose) and I move on. Hopefully at least some of them get their self-centered know-it-all picture. If not, I have to remember “no worries, Jozzy – now move on.” 🙂 It takes all kinds to make the world go around.

    • My theory on the reason they all think they know about ADHD when they don’t have a clue is that they all agree with and reinforce each other, creating a sort of anti-ADHD echo chamber. Thanks for commenting!

  4. #7 When you say you have ADHD, ignore the ones who smirk and say things like, “Yeah, everyone does nowadays.” Also the ones who defend the fact they never noticed you were having problems by claiming, “You never had it before!” Those are just a couple more insensitive ways to say, “I have no clue what I’m talking about but I’m going to keep talking anyway.”

    • Yep, “everyone has that” is one of my absolute least favorites!

  5. Anti-ADHD echo chamber, wonderful summation of personal experience. AADHDEC?

    • AADHDEC, yes, just don’t try pronouncing that — people will think you have a bad cough!


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