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A Huge Thank You to All ADHD Millennial Readers!

In my first ever ADHD Millennial post, I mentioned two emotions that were sure to be a running thread underneath this blog: doubt and hope.

I highlighted those emotions because both the experience of having ADHD and the experience of being a millennial come with a lot of doubt over the future and your place in the world – but also a lot of hope for growth and new possibilities.

What I didn’t talk about in that post were a more immediate type of doubt and hope I was feeling: doubt and hope about this blog itself. As a rookie mental health blogger giving this blog a one-month trial run, I had doubts over how long this project would last. But I also hoped that the ADHD Millennial blog would be something good.

Thank You!Since then, I’ve posted 494 times. After five years, I’m in danger of visibly outgrowing my role as a “young adult blogger,” like a child actor on a long-running sitcom. That’s OK, though, because counting down to the big 3-0 is just the latest part of the “millennial experience” – and, more importantly, because this blog has grown to involve people of all ages who, in some capacity, have ADHD in their lives.

I hoped this blog would be something good, and in fact, I think it has been something great.

I say that not because I’ve consistently posted awesome content (although I won’t deny that I have), but because of the empathy, thoughtfulness, positivity, and passion for ADHD awareness that readers of this blog have brought. Although I’ve written 494 posts, I’ve been outdone by readers, who have left 600 comments (not including my own).

Many of those readers have shared their personal experiences with topics discussed here, and I’ve learned so much from reading those comments. Readers have brought ADHD Millennial to life in many other ways as well – from sharing posts to talking about ideas from this blog with others to simply reading and thinking about what I’ve written.

All of that is the key ingredient that makes an ADHD blog different than an ADHD journal. So, as I get ready to hit the pause button on this blog, I want to extend to everyone who has ever read an ADHD Millennial post a huge thank you.

I considered putting together a list of my “greatest hits,” but you know I’d probably forget to include something important. Besides, having 494 blog posts is like having 494 cats: you love them all and you can’t find any specific one at a given time, so it’s hard to choose favorites.

Instead, I decided to highlight more broadly some of the things I’ve tried to accomplish with this blog:

Right now, it feels appropriate to be reflecting on ADHD Millennial’s past. As I wrote a few months ago, 2020 is a time for reflection.

It’s also a time for change. It’s certainly a time for change at Psych Central, and part of that change is the end to this chapter of ADHD Millennial.

It’s a time for change in many of our personal lives, too. Many of us have seen unexpected changes in our lifestyles, our work habits, our financial situations.

And with change come those familiar old friends: doubt and hope.

Change brings doubt because it brings uncertainty. When you have ADHD, change disrupts your established coping strategies and presents new organizational challenges.

But change also brings hope because it brings something new. Change brings growth. Life without change is boring, and people with ADHD don’t particularly like being bored.

If there’s anyone who can thrive in changing circumstances, it’s ADHDers. We’ve been adapting all our lives, reconciling our different brains with the world around us. And we can adjust to change in the same way we learned to cope with ADHD: by focusing on the things we do well, the things that motivate us, and the things that give our lives meaning.

For anyone who wants to stay in touch, you can find my contact info on the about page. Or, as always, you can leave a comment, with the caveat that I’m not entirely sure how long I’ll be able to respond to comments on here.

Thank you for reading!

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A Huge Thank You to All ADHD Millennial Readers!

Neil Petersen

Neil Petersen writes regularly on psychology, ADHD and education. In addition to ADHD Millennial, he writes about psychology at Psych Central's AllPsych blog and about ADHD at He can be found on Twitter at @ADaptHD_blog

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