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What Did You Do With Your Extra Hour?

If you’re in the United States, you got the gift of an extra hour over the weekend. The beauty of daylight savings time.

Alarm ClockI had visions of using my extra hour to wake up earlier than usual. Or at least getting an extra hour of sleep.

Instead of an extra hour of sleep, though, I just ended up getting an extra hour of insomnia.

This happens sometimes. When I wake up in the middle of the night, my ideal state is to be so groggy that I fall back into sleep without even realizing where I am or what’s happening to me. If I wake up and have even one lucid thought, though, I know I’m in trouble. Because one lucid thought usually leads to a second lucid thought…

Of course, there are other ways to squander an hour. Squandering time is a ADHDer specialty. If you ever want to make an hour disappear without a trace, you know who to call.

Maybe the easiest way to waste your annual gift of a free hour is by procrastinating on going to bed. After all, those of us with ADHD like immediate rewards, so if we have an extra hour we want to use it now.

The danger with this approach is that you get sucked down the rabbit hole and end up procrastinating on going to sleep by two hours instead of one. So instead of getting an extra hour, you end up out an hour instead. Leave it up to an ADHDer to take a no-strings-attached gift of an hour and turn it into a debt!

Finally, no doubt there are those of you who are hearing about the extra hour for the first time just in this blog post. Now it all starts to make sense – so that’s why everyone has been showing up an hour late to work all week.

However you wasted your hour, you probably aren’t taking it too hard if you’re an ADHDer. After all, an hour is nothing, we’re used to wasting entire days. Hopefully you can find comfort in that. Just try not to think about March, when the collection agents come knocking and ask you to give that hour back with interest.

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What Did You Do With Your Extra Hour?

Neil Petersen

Neil Petersen writes regularly on education, learning disabilities and technology. He received his B.A. in 2014 and was diagnosed with ADHD at the beginning of his college studies. Neil also works for a music education non-profit and hopes to help create an education system that can better serve students with ADHD.

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