Shadow ADHDers

I write this blog as someone who knows I have ADHD. Generally, people who read this blog tend to be other people who know they have ADHD, people who think they might have ADHD, people who know someone else who has ADHD, or people who think someone else might have ADHD.


It’s Hard to Spot People Who Are Faking ADHD, But Should We Really Care?

Based on the general atmosphere of suspicion that surrounds the ADHD diagnostic process in many clinics, you could probably guess that something is happening with ADHD meds that doesn’t happen with most other medications. That something, of course, is that a sizable number of people seem to be faking ADHD symptoms in order to obtain ADHD meds that can be sold to others or used as "study drugs."

Living with ADHD

Don’t Underestimate ADHDers!

It’s easy to underestimate people in general, because most people’s first impression isn’t necessarily their best. What I mean is that it often takes time to get to know someone’s unique strengths, capabilities, and personal traits.