Living with ADHD

ADHD Symptoms Go Virtual

With everyone staying home and avoiding real life, you might’ve thought you’d be able to avoid your real-life ADHD symptoms too.
But just like everything else, ADHD symptoms are going virtual.
Ask an ADHDer who suffers from chronic lateness. You wouldn’t think it would be possible to be late to a virtual meeting, right?
Turns out there are plenty of ways you can show up late for an appointment that doesn’t involve leaving your...

Living with ADHD

ADHD and Self-Interrupting

Like not listening to people, interrupting is one of those unintentionally rude behaviors that is a classic ADHD symptom. I’ve talked about interrupting and ADHD plenty of times before, including "good" types of interrupting (which, to be clear, certainly doesn’t mean there aren’t bad ones too!)

Living with ADHD

White Privilege and ADHD

From preferential treatment in applying for jobs, to greater socioeconomic power, to not having to worry about being brutally murdered by the police, there is a long list of unearned advantages that come with being white in the United States.


Can I Have ADHD If…

An ADHD diagnosis can bring a flood of different feelings, from relief at finally having an explanation for your symptoms ("now things are starting to make sense") to a sadness over lost time ("what if I’d been diagnosed earlier?").