Coping Strategies

Making the Most of Hyperfocus?

Hyperfocus refers to a state of being totally dialed into something, where distractions and sometimes even a sense of time fade away. Many people with ADHD report experiencing this state, and a recent study adds weight to the idea that people with ADHD experience hyperfocus more often than people without ADHD.

Living with ADHD

ADHD Without Frequent Life Changes?

Last week, I wrote about how frequent changes are often a hallmark of ADHD. Today, I want to caveat that entire post by saying "often, but not always." There’s an important point here: just because something tends to be true of ADHDers on average doesn’t mean it’s true of every single ADHDer.


An ADHD Rewards Credit Card?

Here’s my million-dollar idea: a special credit card for people with ADHD. I should probably start off with a disclaimer that this idea isn’t necessarily the most ethical, but then again, since when have ethics mattered in the financial sector?