Coping Strategies

Questioning the Five-Day Work Week

Last November, a New Zealand financial services company switched its 240-person team from a five-day to a four-day workweek. Now, the company has released results of a study showing that when the workweek was shortened, stress decreased, productivity increased – and, unsurprisingly, workers’ feelings of work-life balance skyrocketed.

Coping Strategies

Background Music, External Stimulation and ADHD

Over on the AllPsych blog, I just wrote about a study that came out on whether listening to music helps people perform cognitive tasks. If you’re interested in all the details of the experiment, see that post, but for our purposes I wanted to focus on one finding from the study in particular: it turns out that putting on background music seems to be especially helpful for people who have a preference for high levels of external stimulation.

Living with ADHD

If ADHD Were a Movie

This morning I was reading about a new TV series based on the experiences of a woman with "Pure O" OCD, or OCD without observable compulsions. In the TV series, the protagonist’s intrusive sexual thoughts are acted out in scenes that are graphic and sometimes absurd.