Do It Yourself ADHD

Let's get ready to grumble ...

I'm thinking of creating a game called DIY ADHD.

The concept is simple.

Actually, that's a huge lie. The concept is complicated.

Or maybe the concept really is simple, but the execution is complicated. I'm not really sure.
Let's start with the concept
The concept is a game that allows people to compete, but one that also makes people aware of what it is like to have ADHD.

There will...


Are You Special?

... it's on right now

If you have ADHD then you had a pretty good chance of being in a "special" class.

And it was always about challenges. Either they felt the curriculum challenged you or they believed that it didn't challenge you enough.

And the truth is that any one of us could have ended up in either group.
If you have ADHD than you know that there are things you can do...


The Beginning Of A Year

Get ready for it ...

Yeah, I know. It isn't New Year's yet. But it will be 2019 by the time I publish here again.

So let's call this the New Year's post.

I have some things to say, and they seem important to me.
It really is all about you. But in a subdued way.

I'm not telling you to ignore others, deny their needs or wants. That's a recipe for ending up alone.


Adult ADHD

The End Of A Year

It's been a great year for me ...

There are two more posts on this blog for this year, this one, and tomorrow's.

Today I'd like to talk about the past year.

Tomorrow we'll consider the next year.
So what have you done?
In this past year, what did you accomplish? Let's consider the way we make lists, it might help us out.

When I make a to do list, and then discover myself doing something that...


ADHD Soup: Boxing Day & Family Time

What else could we throw in there?

Life is like food. Some people take raw ingredients and make their meals from scratch.

Others are perfectly happy with just tearing open a box and adding water and heat to the contents.

And then there are the people like you and me that waffle back and forth, and often make a mess.
Today Is a holiday
It's Boxing day. And yesterday I was supposed to write a...


All I Want For Christmas Is A Working Frontal Lobe

Merry Christmas ...

So, yeah, there's no cure for ADHD. It's like asking for a cure for red hair, ain't going to happen.

You play the hand you're dealt. And we're dealt this one.

Our right hemisphere is closer in size to the left, which is abnormal, apparently. Also we don't produce the right brain chemistry, or not the correct proportions of it.

We have wit, but sometimes it seems like we're witless.
We got this!


ADHD Anxiety

Am I right?

I've suffered from anxiety in my life. The debilitating kind that left me sad, scared, starting to look for a way out.

Fortunately I recognized it. And also fortunately I was already in counseling so when I commented on it the help I needed was right there.

And even more fortunate was the fact that the anxiety I was suffering was a side effect of meds I was on.

Stop the meds,...


Dear Santa

... drank the milk, too.

Dear Santa,

How are you and Mrs. Claus? How are all the elves and reindeer? Is there still enough snow and ice at the north pole for your sleigh?

I've tried to be good this year, honest I have. And in many ways I've been successful.
Yay me!
I'm not in jail. Good start, right?

I admit I've been to the emergency room at the hospital at least once. and yes,...


What’s Left Is Right

Stand aside ...

Wow, this sounds like it might be deep.

It actually sounds like it has something to do with Occum's Razor, the problem solving method that suggests that if you remove all the complicated options that assume the most unknowns, the simplest solution that is left will be the preferable one.

But no, the title is nothing more than a little play on words to introduce an ADHD issue that plagues...


What Are You Giving Yourself This Holiday?

And it doesn't matter how you wrap it ...

ADHD means that you will have to deal with stuff.

And this time of year you'll have even more to deal with.

All those things I talked about yesterday, for instance, and then all the fall out from all those things over the weeks following the holidays.

I mean, you know as well as I do that we are going to drop the ball on a few...