Hey, got a minute?

Mildly upsetting

Did you just cringe when you read that title?

I mean, yeah, you were cruising the web, you got north of ten tabs open on your browser, you knew you were already down the rabbit hole when those words popped up. But still, did you get that feeling of the beginnings of anger?

Just the words caused that. Right?

Not even the situation.
The words reminded you of the situation that angers us.



Even Easy Isn’t Easy

Newer ADHD Math

On Wednesday I wrote about a scenario where we get ourselves into trouble by taking on jobs that seem like they are doable with our personal skill sets, not ADHD skill sets but your individual skill sets, or mine.

Well, in truth, we take on those jobs without assessing skill requirements because we want to get on to the thing we want to do, whatever that might be.

We get...


It’s Not Easy

No one ever said it was easy to live with ADHD.

Well, there are people who claim that it doesn't exist, but they're just one more part of having ADHD that makes it difficult.

And this post is not about them, let's pretend they don't exist, see how they like that.

No, this post is about a specific scenario that many of us, perhaps all of us, have lived through repeatedly.
This is about "I Can Do That!"
The phrase,...


Broken Jar

The glass is all empty

So listen, yesterday I made stew.

I'm pretty sure that it was great. I never got to eat any.

I'd ask how it was, but no one else got to eat it either.

Just as I was finishing it up, I broke a sealer jar in the pot.
Yes, I know
That's not ADHD. Accidents happen.

A broken jar is a broken jar. ADHD is ADHD. They are neither the...


Fact Checking Fun

I can't look ....

Yesterday I posted something on Facebook.

It was two facts and then my opinion on those two related facts.

I told anyone who wanted to read my post that there were two things that were significant that occurred some years ago and that I felt things started to go wrong there.

The two things were political things in that they were things done by the persons who were the elected premieres of...


Ain’t Nothing Gonna Break My Stride

I got to keep on movin'

Have you heard that song? It was a big hit in the mid eighties for Matthew Wilder, and it spoke to me back then, but more so because it reminded me of my late wife's office assistant at the time than because it had anything to do with me.

Break My Stride as written by Matthew Wilder and Gregory Prestopino and it begins with the words, "Last...


ADHD Is A Festival

Tri-Continental playing at our festival

I've just finished helping tear down the annual festival I volunteer at. And last week I helped put it together. Counting the two and a half days of the festival itself, I spent eight of the last nine days at the park where it is held.

And I worked pretty hard while I was there.

Also, I took my computer and did my other work in the minutes I could...


On With The Show

Some of the less necessary construction at the festival ...

It's that time of the year again. It's the third weekend in August, and that's when my life gets a lot weird.

The big deal is that I'm involved in a folk festival called Summerfolk in my little city of Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada ...

... and, I still have the rest of my life to deal with.
Involved? How involved?
Well, that's a good question....


Where One Stops And The Next Begins

This is distracting ....

There is a list of symptoms that define ADHD, a set of criteria that make those symptoms valid, and a time line that is required before the diagnosis can actually be made.

The symptoms are the primary requirement, but the criteria must be met as well. The symptoms cannot be present only in one setting, for instance.

And the timeline is also a requirement, in order for an...


I Think, Therefore I Am Distracted

I should put this on a t-shirt!

There is some merit to the idea that hyperactivity is a physical manifestation of distraction.

And we all know that those with inattentive ADHD are far from stupid. Their minds are going all the time, they just don't find their immediate surroundings interesting enough to hold their attention.

So, the thing that both inattentive and hyperactive types of ADHD have in common is distraction, they...