I Get You

It's an infinite equation

I don't have the same ADHD that you have. No one does. Your ADHD is unique to you.

Wait, that's not an insult.

It's sad, but it's true.

It's true of all of us, each and every one of us.
When the human brain develops, even when it develops in a way that one might refer to as normal, it is uniquely different from any other brain.

And so too are...


Why We Don’t Ask For Help

Yes, but ...

When I was growing up, things were different. We didn't know about ADHD. It wasn't even called ADHD.

When I was growing up there were no medications for this. Well, there were, but they weren't prescribed because for the preceding decades this disorder was being studied in prelude to being defined.

When I was growing up, no one knew what to do with me. Now all that has changed.
Yes. That last...


How’s Your Health?

How are you feeling?

I've never seen statistics on our health. I've never been privy to mortality charts on persons with ADHD. I'm not even sure that any exist.

I imagine that they do, and I'm sure they don't portray a happy picture.

Along with having a penchant for accidents, there are other issues in our lives that would suggest we have additional health risks.

And I don't know what all...


Out For Dinner With ADHD

Dining with ADHD

Last night I was out for dinner. And I can't leave my ADHD at home, it comes with me where ever I go.

It's true, there are times when it can seem to be subdued. I've met people, sometimes repeatedly, and talked with them at length, and they haven't been aware of my ADHD until they were told.

But I've also met people, repeatedly, and eventually confessed my condition only to be...


Not My Choice

You get no choice ...

There's a lot of trouble out there in this big old world, trouble surrounding ADHD.

And the bulk of that trouble seems to center on people who have declared that they know that ADHD isn't real.

Oddly, there are people who believe this, who at the same time have ADHD.

I mean, it's true that everyone experiences the symptoms that plague our lives, but there are people who disbelieve...


Replay And Rehearse

Right and righteous?

There are two things I do almost constantly, and those things are not rest and relaxation.

They are also not that much fun for me.

Rehearse is what I do when I'm facing a confrontation or potential confrontation that I'm nervous about.

Meeting someone that I have a conflict with will cause this.
And it's obsessive
It isn't a choice I make, I don't tilt my head to one side, stare off into...


An Ounce Of Prevention

Prevent this!!!

That's a wonderful old saying, isn't it?

And yes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  The problem is that there is no cure for ADHD.

And while what happened to me last night could have been prevented in several ways, it also could have happened to anyone.

So why do I feel guilty?
Yes, because I have ADHD and these things happen to me or for me or because of...


Hurry, Hard!

Curling is hard!

Do you curl? Not likely. The number of people who curl make up a minuscule percentage of the population.

Let me describe it to you. You take turns throwing rocks down a sheet of ice and try to outscore the other team.

The closest rock to the center of the target scores. Seems simple right?

But how rocks end up where they do, is not simple?
What does this have to do with...


Opportunity Lost

Even in the darkest moments ...

Last June, the Mars Rover, Opportunity, sent its last message home.

"My battery is low and it is getting dark" ... and was never heard from again.

It has affected me in a way I couldn't have imagined when the little rover was first sent off on its mission.

It has affected me because I feel a great affinity for that...


Looking At Now

Look, it's that time

I've discovered the secret to a happy life. It's all about perspective.

I've wasted so much time looking forward at what I think I need to do.

And I've spent way too much time looking back on past mistakes and situations where I was trying to deal with a known world and couldn't figure out that the greatest unknown was me.

I've looked to the future with dread, and to the past...