Changing ADHD Weather

Storm's coming

I've occasionally heard people refer to their ADHD as a storm of symptoms.

Things get wild, unpredictable, winds change direction and speed. Sometimes it rains and sometimes it pours.

And every now and then, there's lightning. And lightning rarely comes without damage.

Is this what ADHD is like?
Yes! Oh yes it is
But why isn't it consistently like this? Well, for some it likely seems to be. For others, the storms seem to come...


Not Cure, But Treatment


On Wednesday we talked about a cure for ADHD. There is none. You'd think that would have been a short post, wouldn't you?

But we also discussed the possibility that if your child is diagnosed with ADHD before they are fully developed, you might consider a good diet, adequate physical activity, a balanced social life and lots of good opportunities to learn and think and grow and develop to the best of...


There’s No Cure For ADHD

Could this work?

Let me say it again, there is NO CURE FOR ADHD!

There is no cure for being five foot ten inches. There is no cure for having green eyes and blond hair. There is no cure for genetics. There is no cure for development, either under or over development.

Yes, in physical instances there are interventions that can change you temporarily and in some cases permanently.

But someone with...


2 Ways To Make It Work With ADHD

Accept no substitutes

People with ADHD know a lot about how life works for them.

Or maybe that should be that they know how life doesn't work for them.

The thing is that no matter how successful or unsuccessful we are, we all pick up some tricks along the way. And I'd like to share two of my best with you.

These tricks were part of my tool kit long before I was diagnosed. In...


Hey, Got A Minute?


Are you busy?

Sorry, stupid question. Are you doing important things right now or have you forgotten what it was you had planned on doing?

If you can spare the time, I have a wee suggestion.

Remember all those books about ADHD that you wanted to read?

Maybe ... now would be a good time? Just sayin', not telling you what to do. You might be in the middle of some tricky part of that nuclear...


Things To Do In Isolation

Note: rewiring is not to be done by amateurs

Listen. I'm talking to those of you who don't have ADHD. We, the people with ADHD, are bored all the time.

It's not our fault though, it's actually yours. You run the world, for the most part, and as whirlwind as you find it to be, welp, it's actually a little slow for us.

When you think we've gotten distracted, we've actually...


What Has COVID-19 Done To Us?

I wonder what ADHD looks like???

COVID-19 has one thing in common with ADHD. It is world wide, it is everywhere.

Are we more likely to get it? Maybe, we're clumsy in some ways, and forgetful. I personally am still working on making a mask, it is half sewn, I'm not bad at sewing, but my machine is temperamental and slow so it takes longer than it should and there are things to distract...


There Are Days

So many days ...

There are days when we struggle.

There are days when we win, maybe they are fewer, hard to say from inside the middle of a day.

I suspect that every day has some win and some struggle in it.

I suspect the days when I feel like I've won are days when the success was large enough to occlude the struggles.
As I write this ...
There's rain falling steadily outside...


What’s The Plan?

I've built things without plans before ...

I've done me some contracting in my life. I'm not a licensed contractor, but I am skilled labor and I am a good contractor's assistant.

And I've worked on some jobs, let me tell you.

And some of them had plans.

And some of them did not.

But let's start with what a contract is in this context.
What's a what?
A contractor is a person who...


Are We Safe At Home?

Home is where the ... safety is?

You've maybe heard the meme text, "You're not stuck at home, you're safe at home."

I thought it was quite clever, made sense in these isolating times, was worth a "like" at least and was very likely worthy of sharing. I'm sure I did that too.

But then I got thinking, are WE safe at home?
Yes, WE! Those of us with ADHD.

Now don't get me wrong here,...