Adult ADHD

When I Was Your Age …

... ten miles to school, up hill both ways ...

Listen you youngsters you, when I was your age we didn't have any such thing as ADHD.

We had Minimal Brain Dysfunction, but it was almost never diagnosed.

And even if it was, nobody did anything about it.

There were no accommodations, no medications, and very little tolerance.
Here's a little problem ...
The people who are in positions of authority tend to be older. They've worked...


Dear Kelly: Relationship Advice For The ADHD Love Lorn

Help for the empty heart?

I do not write a relationship column. But I think I could.

Not just any old relationship though, I'd tell you what's what with your ADHD relationships.

How hard could it be?

I mean, I have ADHD, and I've been in love. In fact, though it's no one's business, I'm in love right now.
Yes, Me! I've been in love and I've been married and I've had relationships for the past...


Imagine That!

I might be at the rink ...

One of the biggest issues that we with ADHD have to deal with is distraction.

Distraction, it is thought, begins with something attracting our attention.

Attraction and distraction are really the same thing. They are antonyms that, in our case, result in the same situation.

But, I see I've become distracted from what I was talking about.
Which was?
I'm getting there ... hang on. Distractions come in many forms,...


This Is Not A Rehearsal

This is it!

This is not a practice run. This is all we get.

I will not get a do over of this day. I will not get to try this week again.

There is no reset button. There is no lives left counter. There is no option to stick another coin in the slot and begin again.

This is life. And life is hard. And life with ADHD is harder still.
But ...
There is this...


Challenge Accepted!

Audio recording light

I told you yesterday that I got through a bunch of stuff. Did I mention that I got my back up system running again?

Well, I did, and I got caught up writing blog posts for the blogs I write for.

And then I started working on the radio show that I do every four weeks.

The thing is, I record it myself in my home studio and then...

Adult ADHD

Have You Tried Turning It Off And Then On Again?

The lights are on ...

So, this is yesterday's post, but this is not yesterday.

I write three posts a week, sometimes I write my first post on Monday, and sometimes I write it on Tuesday.

But my Wednesday post is always written on Wednesday. Well, almost always.

But yesterday wasn't a normal Wednesday, it was, as far as working was concerned, the Wednesday from hell!

For personal reasons I started late, family responsibilities took precedent....


A Useless Man

Just like Christmas ... sort of

Okay, I alluded to this a little while ago, but now I'm coming clean.

There was some issues with my heart that just about killed me.

No, it turns out that my heart was fine, but we didn't know that until I went for a cardiac catheter and they did a flow test.

What nearly killed me was the not knowing. Or rather, the being sure I was on...


The Child In Me …


... Sees the child in you.

Wait, no. I wasn't calling you a child.

I was talking about how I get along well with children.

Well, maybe I was calling you a child.
Let's explore this ...
I get along well with children because, although I spent my childhood wanting desperately to be an adult, it was the best part of my life.

And I remember it well enough to know that children don't like to...


Forget The Man Cold, I’ve Got An ADHD Cold

I'm busy ...

Okay, it isn't really much of a cold, it feels like I've got a five inch wide head filled with about 15 inches of cement.

My sinuses hurt, like someone is poking me in the eyes with a stick, but from the inside of my head.

And yesterday it felt like that stick was poking the backs of my eyeballs, today it's more like the bottoms that are being pressed on.



The Crime Of Time

Just watching it slip past ...

For those of us with ADHD, time is our nemesis.

We don't get it. We don't work well with it.

We feel like it should be something we can control, like there's something obvious about it that we are missing.

And we're all doing that thing where we pretend that we know what we're doing, that everything is all right, and we desperately hope that no one notices...