Lost In The Laundry Room

Oh, thanks for that ...

You know those maps of the mall? The ones with the arrow that says, "You are here!" printed just beneath it?

You know how useless they can be if you can't recognize any of the features on the map in your immediate surroundings?

Life with ADHD can be like that. We feel like we're told where we should be in life for the age we're at,...


Stuff Happens and I Keep Going

Forward, ever forward

This is the state of affairs for humans.

Things, unexpected or otherwise, happen. And then we keep going. Until we die.

This, has nothing to do with ADHD.
But ...
Everyone knows what it is like to be distracted. This is also a human trait.

We all know what it's like to walk through a doorway and arrive in a room without a clue why we came into that room.

We all misplace our keys...


How To Date Someone With ADHD

You should play!

I think it's time we gave out some of our secrets.

Well, okay, they aren't secrets, they're more like observations that haven't been made by neuro-typicals.

The NTs aren't unobservant, they just quit looking, quit observing once they think they understand someone.

But since ADHD has been around for ... well, forever, and they're only just starting to recognize it now, I think it's fair to assume that they're still not...


Weather The Storm

It's always on its way ...

It's October the 23rd, 2018. And I live in Canada.

The days can be warm this time of year, or they can be cool.

This year, we've seen snow already, last year we were still swimming in the bay on the 22nd ... quickly in and out, just to say we'd done it mostly.

I'm looking at the snowblower in the back shed and getting ready to load it...


Can We Agree?

Do we win? ... or lose?

You and I, we know this thing we call ADHD.

But just who is it calling it ADHD?

Well, that's the name given in the DSM, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. But it's not the only book on all things health related.
There is ...
There's the ICD. It's the manual that is recognized by the WHO. That's the World Health Organization, not the British rock group.

Now we come...


Up Or Down?

Saying goodbye gets easier ...

I realize that my blog post subjects often depend on my mood.

And I'm sorry about that, since sometimes I'm in a down or depressed mood.

And yet, I'm not really all that sorry.
Sorry, not sorry ...
See, you have up days and down days as well. And we, you and I, are trying to get through this ADHD thing together.

Well, not together so much...


Why Is This So Hard

I can fix that!

I'm about to go do a little job.

The job involves replacing a switch on my big boat.

I also have to install the battery on it to make sure the switch works.

Once those two things are done, the boat is probably sold.
How hard could it be?
Straight up easy. I've pulled and replaced batteries dozens of times, rewired lots of things far more complicated than this.

In all honesty, the slogging...


Plan Z

What do we do now?

In the Neuro-Typical world, everyone knows about Plan B.

When something goes wrong, plan B is the fall back position and consequent actions taken to stabilize the situation.

In the Neuro-typical world, having to fall back on Plan B is considered to be sub-optimal. Fair enough.

For those of us with ADHD, Plan B is considered early days. If we get away with pulling something off that only required Plan...


Today I Feel … Beaten

... to a froth!

Did you read yesterday's post? "Today I Feel Organized" was the title.

And if you read it, did you think it was funny? Did you think it was scary? Did you think it was you?

So what happens when we have a day like that? When we feel organized and on the ball, what is the result?

Usually, somewhere along the line the wheels fall off. I...


Today I Feel Organized

It's all there ....

Today I feel organized and on the ball.

I didn't sleep extremely well, but I slept well enough. I woke up a little early, but still, I feel okay physically. I feel rested enough.

And there are things that need to be done. Probably more things than I can get done in one day, but they're on a list and the list is easily prioritized so the things that don't...