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Numb And Number

Maybe even the nummiest

I can think of any number of times I was oblivious to the obvious. It happens quite frequently.

And there's a sick feeling I get in the pit of my stomach when that occurs.

It's kind of like watching an accident about to happen and being unable to do anything about it.

Suddenly, people are looking at me like I have a third eye.

And I wish I had a...
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Video Games Cause ADHD

Keep your eye on the prize

Did I get your attention?

Good. Now that I have it ... "Don't Be So Foolish!"

Saying video games cause ADHD is like saying blindness causes macular degeneration.

No, I'm not suggesting that ADHD causes video games, let's not be foolish. There's a connection, but it isn't a cause and effect type of thing.
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You Are Here

Well, you're somewhere in there ...

Have you ever seen that poster that shows a picture of the our galaxy with an arrow pointed to an insignificant looking spot in the middle of what seems like a billion stars?

And the legend at the info end of that arrow reads, "You Are Here!"

And it's funny. I mean, we look around us today at all we've done and all we're capable of, and...
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Wait A Minute!!!

As if ...

I like lineups, kind of, and waiting rooms too.

It's a bit of a coping mechanism I've developed, I guess. I just simply tell myself that it can't be helped, and I now have an excuse for being late.

Then I settle in to enjoy myself, often conversing with other people in my same situation.

I think I got that from my mother.
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Chew On This!

Brushing up on ADHD

I hate statistics. Well, actually, I love to quote them, but I hate having to look them up.

The problem is, I read them somewhere, and then months later I repeat them and I can't find where I got them from to prove my statement.

For instance, I know that I've read that people with ADHD are 'some certain number of times' more likely to be visiting the emergency room at...
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I Still Don’t See …

Oh, I see ...

I've been struggling to describe ADHD in a way that could be understood.

And part of that struggle comes from the fact that I don't really understand what it is like to not have ADHD

In the past I spent time not knowing I had ADHD, thinking I was just like everyone else. I thought that I was maybe a little different, but nothing definable.
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What Time Is It?

Get them done ...

Yeah, on second thought, don't tell me.

I find it absolutely amazing that I learned to tell time so easily. But I haven't yet learned the significance of time.

I mean, I get that it passes, and I know there's only so much of it. I know there's lots more coming, but others have things that they need to do at certain times so I'm supposed to get...
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Fake News

This really burns me up ...

I really thought we'd put this one to bed. But it seems that we've only just begun.

There's a book out called Selling Sickness, that claims, among other things, that ADHD is a "man created disease."

I love when people talk like they know things, but even the words they choose reveal their ignorance.
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