Adult ADHD

Things That Work

Never enough?

You've maybe heard that people with ADHD adore sticky notes.

It's true. We do.

The attributes of sticky notes are that they can be written on, stuck in conspicuous places, and don't damage what they are stuck to.

This beats hell out of my old, pre-sticky note method of using indelible marker on duct tape, or just directly on the surface of things.
Well, you know, we sometimes make bad choices. Live...


Not Celebrating

Is it time to celebrate?

Having ADHD means that you often feel like a failure.

Part of that is the old getting distracted thing, it's hard to succeed at something you get distracted from.

Another part is procrastination.
The procrastination problem
The real trouble with procrastination is that to the outside observer it looks like you just can't be bothered. What they can't see is the anxiety and turmoil that some tasks cause for...


Worrying About Anxiety

I worry about that ...

Recent events in my world have caused me to turn my attention toward anxiety and the manifestation of it in our lives.

People with ADHD have a tendency to replay situations in their minds and it's usually situations that cause them to feel anxious.

Like having a chipped tooth that you can't stop running your tongue over, just to assure yourself that it actually is chipped, our minds seem to...


Let’s Play A Game, Where’s My …

Where's my keys?

Yes. Let's play a game. Where's my coffee cup?

After 61 years of life I've gotten pretty good at figuring out what I might have done with things I misplace.

My coffee cup will be on a flat surface that is handy to the location where I last picked up something or things that required more than one hand.

It will not necessarily be at eye level, it will...


Adult Diagnosed ADHD, What’s The Difference

Well, I'm not ...

Is there a difference between adult diagnosed ADHD and pediatric diagnosed ADHD?

Not in the mechanics there isn't.

But in life, we have long discussed the differences between nature and nurture, and this gives rise to something worth pondering.

While we are now convinced that nature is the origin of ADHD, that nurture does not cause this disorder, not knowing of our disability until later most definitely has a negative effect...


The Cost Of Innovation

What is this cost?

We don't get a lot of compliments when it comes to our ADHD symptoms.

I'm not saying we don't get any, but we mostly have to give them to ourselves.

When we do get compliments, it is rare that they are given as compliments to ourselves and more likely that they come with the tagline, "See, I told you you could do it if you just put your...


Don’t Judge, But …

I see ...

When you have ADHD, you know what it's like to be judged. I spend a lot of time remembering that from school, from work, from social connections.

It's taken me to a place in my life where I am constantly keeping my guard up, constantly watching what I do, and constantly examining my actions.

And yes, at the age of sixty-one, it has helped.

Between my knowing and admitting immediately the fact that...

Adult ADHD

Sometimes Self Aware

I am aware of myself sometimes ...

I suffer with ADHD. It's also called ADD sometimes, but my variety definitely has the H in it.

I also suffer from FS, I   think it's called FS, Fibromyalgia Syndrome. Additionally I have COPD, I can never remember what that stands for but it means I don't breathe as well as I should.

I also now apparently have heart disease or some kind of heart issue.

And there...


ADHD Is Like Pie

Like life, pie needs to be well baked

Life is like pie, the sweeter it is, the more you want of it.

Also, the flakier it is the more enjoyable it is.

Also, the filling isn't everything, but without it the pie is pretty much just crust.

And also, each time you eat a slice, you have less of it left.
And ...
Yeah, I could go on forever. I got the idea for this...


The Good, The Bad, And The Impulsive

I'll take it!

How's your impulse control?

Or is controlling them really the problem? How is it an impulse if we don't follow through?

Maybe what it is is that we have impulses. Do NT's not have impulses? If they think of something and then don't do it, is that even an impulse?
I think not!
Today I went grocery shopping. I used to love grocery shopping. Now I hate it.

I mean, I...