Stress Is Stressing Me

... but not too much, 'kay?

There is a very bad side to stress.

We all need some, but we have a hard time controlling it.

And if you have ADHD, there's an additional aspect to this problem ...
Such as?
Well, stress, as stated, is needed for life to be good. We need it because it drives us to do the things that make life work. We need to stress about things to make us...

Adult ADHD

Having ADHD Means …

What is he thinking?

I just hissed at a squirrel. No, having ADHD does not mean we hiss at squirrels. Well, maybe it sort of does.

I'm supposed to be writing. Writing this post, in fact. And as I sit at my keyboard deciding which thing to tell you about today, a squirrel happens to approach my front flower bed with a peanut in it's mouth.

Now, squirrels annoy the dickens out of...


Talk To Me

Well, there might be. Check below ...

When I first started this blog, comments were added to the bottom of each blog post.

It engendered interaction, it was fun to communicate with readers and even sometimes argue about the different interpretations of our shared disorder.

But at some point wordpress, or our template, moved comments to a second page and the opinions of readers ended up not being as big a part of the...


Buoyant People Win

Relax and float ...

I can't drown.

Well, I shouldn't drown, I'm perfectly capable of doing it. All I need to do is to panic, or get knocked out with my face in the water.

But if I'm in water over my head, and I'm exhausted, all I need to do is lay back and float. I'm buoyant.

I know people who sink, they have to keep moving in order to stay on the surface,...


Tired? Or Exhausted?

I may have dozed off ...

I have ADHD, as you're all aware. I must have told you a thousand times by now, right? Forgive me for repeating myself, I'm exhausted.

And specifically, I have the combined type of ADHD that includes being both inattentive and hyperactive.

And while being inattentive means that I get distracted easily and end up doing a lot of extra things in my efforts to get the things I'm supposed...


A Moth To A Flame

Drawn to it ...

I've never lit a candle outside. I'm old, but not that old.

But I've seen moths around an outdoor light. They seem crazed by the light.

Darting, diving, colliding, throwing themselves repeatedly at the bulb, beating themselves sensless.
And that?
That scares me.

You see, I'm always looking for analogies to ADHD in order to explain what it's like to people who are open minded enough to ask.

And when it comes to describing how...


Time Tetris

With just the right rotation and movement, I'm sure it will fit!!!

How old are you? If you're too old, you might not know this, but if you're too young you also might not get what I'm talking about.

There's a game called Tetris, it started out as an arcade game, it had no equal, nor did it symbolize anything in real life unless maybe loading boxes of various shapes and...


It’s Not Just Recklessness

Sometimes ... ???

I've done a lot of things.

I like new experiences.

And yes, I'll jump at the chance to do something new.

And, again, yes, I'll take chances, do things when opportunity presents them, without possibly thinking them entirely through.
There's something in all of us ...
If someone within reach is going under water, you don't think about consequences, you reach in and pull them out.

That happens all the time for me.
Oh, no,...


Making Myself Happy

... hopefully

What does it take to make someone with ADHD happy?

Well, that depends on the person. We're not much alike.

That is to say that the commonalities we share have little to do with what we like or enjoy.

But they sure do seem to have lots to do with what makes us unhappy.
It's like this, I can often make myself happy by simply trying not to let my ADHD make me unhappy,...


Out Of Context

Step into the light ...

ADHD is a disorder.

It's real. It has devastating effects. It makes life difficult for those who have it.

But its real devastation is to the credibility of those who deny it.
I see it
I see it every day of my life. I see it because I live it. It is my constant companion, it is my being, it is me.

But if you don't have it, or if you...