New Beginnings In 2020?

We never were good with time

It's New Year's day. It rolled in here quietly in my home. We don't go crazy about it here.

As someone with ADHD I have had too many new beginnings to get excited about a made up one.

"But, it's the beginning of a new decade!" you say. Sorry, no, it's the last year of the twenty-teens decade. Decades start with the number 1 on the end of their...


ADHD In 2019

Time to account

It's the last day of 2019, and time to list the things I ADHDed this year.

What does that even mean? Good question. I'm not sure. Let's try to figure that out as we go, m'kay?

You see, I know I've done things this year that I wouldn't have, and not done things I maybe should have, because I have ADHD.

This isn't a list of things that I'm excusing with ADHD, this...


What Did You Get For Christmas

My best gift

I know, we're not all Christians. I'm not actually a Christian either, I'm more of a Whovian, a Who who believes more in Dr. Seuss than in any formal religion.

But I do not discredit or negate any religion, people have the right to choose their faith and I have no right to deny that.

But, I celebrate Christmas, after all, it is the basis of the statutory holidays, and my...


Cutting Corners For Christmas

Christmas box on ya!

If you have ADHD and you're seeking help, you're probably roaming around the internet trying to find the search words that will bring you to the right sites.

And there are some good ones out here in the world wide web.

I won't say my blog is great or even good, I will say that some people have told me it has helped.

I'll take that.
A couple of sites have been stealing...


ADHD Change For Christmas

I have some change

There have been times in my life when I could have seen myself ending up asking for change on street corners.

I've been frustrated, I've been disenchanted and disillusioned. I've been thwarted and curbed and held back in so many ways.

And yet every time it has happened I can usually look back and find the cause to be something I've done or some way that I have behaved.



The Gift Of The Magi

Time to contemplate life?

You maybe don't know the O. Henry story published in 1905 where a young couple in love and living in near poverty each sell the most valuable possession they have in order to buy something for the other one. The wife sells her hair and buys a beautiful, gold chain for her husbands pocket watch. The husband sells his watch to buy fancy, jeweled comb for...


Moving Right Along

Time to get ready

Yesterday I wrote about sites stealing original content and publishing it without attribution or honesty.

And that has little to do with ADHD. Though I did tell you how that made me feel as someone with ADHD.

But now, it's time to move on.

We're well into December and the holidays are fast approaching.
Let's get ready to rumble THIS POST WAS ILLEGALLY STOLEN
That's not really the right attitude, but...


Steal This Post

An easy job ...

Guess what ... my work is being stolen by other sites.

I'm not thrilled about this really, since at least one of them is putting the work through a cheap re-write AI and it's coming out garbled.

Additionally, I'm not being credited for the work, my name appears nowhere on their site, though given how it comes out of the other end of their AI I should be thankful I suppose...


ADHD – What Do We Want

I saw that ...

There's a cute meme about ADHD that I've seen a few times, it's like a cartoon with panels, in the first a speaker is asking, "What do we want?" and in the second panel the crowd roars, "A cure for ADHD!"

Of course in the third panel the question, "When do we want it?" is asked and the inevitable reply, "SQUIRREL!!!" is in the fourth panel.

It's cute. It's funny. And...


What I Learned In School

I'm here to help you

My school years were a time of joy and sadness, learning and failure, and sometimes they continue to be lessons to me.

There were no breaks meant to help someone with ADHD back then, ADHD was little known and not understood.

There were very few accommodate for my learning limitations, little was done officially.
But ...
In grade four I was having trouble with one subject, biological...