We Don’t Know The Way

Then you take a left, right?

Plans are good. We know what we want, what we want to do, where we want to be, so we make plans.

This is a human thing.

And we are humans
How it works
NTs (Neuro Typicals) are good at this. They often figure out where they want to be and make plans to get there.

We do that also.
Whether you have ADHD or suffer...


Sometimes It Rains

Yes it does

When I was young I lived and worked on a farm. It was a family farm. It was my family's farm.

And I loved it.

There was always something to do. There was structure. There was responsibility.
Well, yes ... and no.

There were things that needed to be done every day. Chores, milking, feeding the animals, looking after the garden in various ways.

But those routines, as rigid as they were, also changed regularly.


Ride The Wave

Ride this!

Have you ever surfed? I haven't. I bet it's fun.

Imagine staying in a permanent downward run on a hill of water that just keeps moving itself forward while gravity keeps you stuck to the front of it.

I mean, I know that's how it's supposed to work. I'm guessing it takes a bit of practice, right?
But there is a wave I ride every day of my life.

Sometimes it's a comber. Sometimes it's...


Am I Too Busy?

Why yes, yes it does!

I am too busy to do anything else. Well, I could maybe squeeze in this one post I guess.

But I really am busy.

Okay, truthfully, I was always busy. But it haven't always felt like it.

So what constitutes feeling busy for someone with ADHD?
Good question!
I get up every day and hit the ground running pretty much. I stop occasionally to get my bearings,...


The Hydra

Cutting off the heads?

ADHD can be misdiagnosed.

It happens a lot, in fact.

It doesn't help that 30% of people with ADHD will have a comorbid condition. It helps even less that half of those will have two or more comorbid conditions.

But that's not the Hydra I'm writing about.
Yeah, no. This Hydra is more familiar to all of us with ADHD, and yet we don't often notice or acknowledge it.

Yesterday we talked about three...


The Doc’s Spot On!

Ask the doctor ...

How many times have I said that the symptoms of ADHD are present in every human being?

How many times have I told you that the defining criteria is not so much the symptoms as it is their intensity and their frequency?

And how often do I need to keep repeating it?

Well, as long as I want to keep this job I'll be doing that.
I love my work!
So yes, I'll...


I Am

It's true ...

I know that ADHD exists. I know that I have it.

I also know that there are varying stats that say that somewhere between ten and twenty percent of the population also live with this disorder.

We generally average that out to fifteen.

We do a lot of things generally.
Generally speaking
We generally acknowledge that no two people with ADHD are the same.

We assemble the most common symptoms and keep a list of...


There You Are

There I am ...

A reader commented on this blog yesterday and spoke so eloquently about having ADHD that it inspired me to revisit the "realization" phase of ADHD discovery.

When Driz was reading in my blog about Acedia, the phrase they used was, " ... a dreadful feeling of recognition."
I remember that
Oh how I remember that. Just reading Driz' words gave me shivers.

I remember suddenly feeling like I was looking at photos of...


The 10:13

The 10:13

There are people out there that I don't really understand. From my perspective, there's no joy in their lives.

Okay, I'm willing to admit that I can't tell whether or not they're happy. That's why I said "From my perspective ..."

But I stand by my observation. I don't see what joy they're getting out of life.
You see ...
I see them at their homes on the weekend, running their lives like a well...

Adult ADHD

Vote For Me!

Can I help you?

If you were looking for someone to do a job like be the elected representative for an area in a governmental capacity, I'd say bluntly and directly to you, "Don't look at me!"

Maybe it would be okay. I mean, I realize that being an elected official means that you have to be prepared to do almost anything, or at least do what you do...