What Is Willpower?

... and how do we make it?

Recent studies have shown that when people with ADHD are faced with a task, the odds of it getting done are in the balance and the scales are adjusted by brain chemistry.

If the task to be done is of interest to us, the world considers that interest to be thoughts, excitement, emotions.

And that's true. But what are those thoughts, that excitement, those emotions?

Are they ethereal wisps...


ADHD <-> World Interface

How do we connect?

Having ADHD doesn't mean I don't care.

I care about lots of things. I care about my family, my partner, my friends and contemporaries.

I care about my readers, even if I don't answer every comment in a timely manner, I still care.

I care about my community.
I even care ...
I care about how I fit in, how I come across in groups of two or more, how I'm received and perceived.



A Scattered Day?

... no, I know I am.

I'm not sure about today.

It seems to me that I keep drifting away from what I'm supposed to be doing.

I catch myself wandering the Facebook when I'm supposed to be writing or doing IT work.

And yet, the day is not getting away from me as much as I think it should be if I'm as scattered and distracted as I feel I am.
I look at the time...


You’re Never Too Smart To Have ADHD

... you know, if I were more well known ... right?

There are articles out there on the internet that talk about famously brilliant people in history who had ADHD.

The problem is that none of them were ever diagnosed.

The reason is that they predate the definition of the disorder. They lived in a time when having ADHD symptoms simply meant that you were ... that way, absent minded, easily distracted,...


What Kind Of Cookie Are You

I'm probably unique ...

I'm sorry about that title, it's a tad misleading.

I'm going to talk about cookies, and I'm going to talk about people, but there will be no testing your social media page to determine through some random algorithm whether you're sprinkles, nuts, or chocolate chips.

Though, if I had to guess, if you're reading this blog you're likely sprinkles ... or maybe all three?
But on to the batter...


Snow Day!

Brrrrr. Take the day off.

If you live in the southern states or in a tropical or equatorial country, you may not know what a snow day is. That's okay. I'll explain it.

Where I live, near water but far enough north that that water commonly freezes over in the winter months, we get to experience summer with temperatures that soar to 100°F (38°C) or higher, but also winter when the temps drop...


Comfortably Scattered

Scattered like the leaves

It's been a long time since I've had a throw away day. And it's going to be a while yet before another one comes my way, I hope.

A throw away day is a day when, though there may be things that need to be done, circumstances have converged to make the day one where I can do or not do whatever I please because, for whatever reason, I...


Time After Time

It can't be now already, can it?

If you search through the titles of posts on this blog for ones that contain the word "time" you'll maybe be surprised at how many there are.

Or maybe not. Maybe you're aware of how time is such a huge part of ADHD.

In fact, if it wasn't for time, ADHD might not exist.

It certainly would be harder to diagnose without the dimension of time.
Right now
Right now is...


Driving With ADHD

it's more than distraction ...

Do you have ADHD? Do you drive a vehicle? Are you safe doing that?

There are obvious problems for us when we're behind the wheel.

The big one is obviously distraction. We are the kings and queens of distraction. I'm actually the Man of DistrAction, so yes, I'm aware of the situation.

But there's more, apparently.
Did you know?
There are correlations between anxiety and ADHD and driving. Why? I don't...


What’s The Good Word?


People with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are more likely to have difficulty communicating.

And as is often the case with manifestations of ADHD related issues, there are several reasons for this.

Consider, just for starters, the fact that each word one hears must first be recognized.
Yes, I know we have minds, I know that the idea that we can't recognize words might be insulting, but that wasn't my point.

We recognize most,...