Life With ADHD Is Complicated

It's like everything is there ...

But maybe I can explain it so that it is understandable. Maybe.

Life is like an Adirondack Chair.

Now, I know what you're thinking, those chairs are from the Adirondack mountains, and those mountains are in the States. Life, occurs everywhere.

True, but so do those chairs, they just have different names in other places. We call them Muskoka chairs here in Ontario Canada.

And they are exactly what life is...


I Had A Scary Thought

Sometimes I scare myself ...

You know how I talk about time all the ... well, all the time?

You know how I say that we don't get time? As in, we don't understand it?

And I also say that there are only two times, now and not now?
And there's more ...
There's also the thing where we think we can assemble a vintage Studebaker from boxes of parts in an hour or so, but...


The Best And The Worst

Image by Foundry Co from Pixabay

There was a time when I recommended to people with ADHD that they consider the structure of the armed forces as a possible career that would benefit them.

The way our brains work benefits greatly from that structure in so many ways.

The endless questions we ask ourselves about what to do next, how to prioritize what needs doing, how to deal with things that pop up...


Thinking Isn’t Doing

No, it's not!

Today I sat down at my keyboard to write this post. I had a vague idea of what I wanted to talk about, but I needed to see how close it came to other recent posts.

I live in fear of repeating myself from one day to the next.

I'm okay with saying the same thing as I've said before so long as it wasn't the post from the day...


Hold Everything!

... if you dare!

Stop. Don't do another thing until I tell you this.

If you have ADHD you need to know something.

You're liable to get distracted. And you're liable to be annoyed by that.

But not as annoyed as you'll be when someone else tries to stop you from doing something you're concentrating on.
It's not natural!
When I'm focused on something and concentrating deeply on it, that's a big deal. I'm paying...


It’s On My List

I list well

There are a lot of things that most people with ADHD have in common. Being easily distracted is on that list. Misplacing things is there as well.

Speaking out of turn is another item. Also, behaving impulsively is on the list.

Additionally, having multiple piles of unrelated items in unusual or irrelevant places, that's on the list.

We're more likely to miss appointments, visit the emergency room, die from accidental...


AM or FM

Dialing in the differences

Radio waves are broadcast in two different ways, FM, frequency modulation, or AM, amplitude modulation.

I won't bother to explain the difference between the two, if at one time I had even a tenuous grasp of what this meant, even then I was in no position to be able to educate anyone about it.

Also, those of you who know the difference, good for you. It has nothing to do...


The Empathic Obligation

Obligatory burden

Having the ability to be empathetic is not the domain of people with ADHD.

It is, however, something that seems more common among us.

And it is something that, like many paradoxical aspects of ADHD, both serves us well and causes great trouble in our lives.

Being empathic is both a blessing and a burden, it can be used as a tool, and it can devastate our day to day lives.
When we...



Hmmm, laundry or bikes???

I've been putting this off for too long. (Yeah, you see what I did there.)

Procrastination is fear elevated to an art form, but it isn't fear every time.

Procrastination is also logic twisted by the ADHD mind so that it seems to be working for you, but it is actually working against you. It seems to be a sensible choice, when it is actually the misuse of our...


The Time Factor

Moving right along ...

It is a given that those of us with ADHD have what are referred to in a non technical way as "poor time management skills."

There is no technical term for this, or at least not one I've heard.

It all has to do with too many of the differences that define an ADHD brain in relation to the neuro-typical brain.

Somehow, when it comes to time ... we fail.
First, we...