Facing Up To The Reality

It's hard to explain what's going on sometimes

I just read a post online about how some of us (maybe all of us) have conversations in our heads that get really dramatic.

And then someone will notice that we're making facial expressions.

And they are big and bold.

Well, that's part of my life.
"What? Nothing!"
And it's hard to explain. Sometimes the conversations are horribly personal and the last person you want to share them...


Never Stop

Go 'til ya stop!

I go.

I go and I do not stop.

And I know why.

I, have ADHD.

I know that doesn't explain it, that's the reason but not the description of the mechanics of it.
Firstly ...
I have to note that i have combined type ADHD, Inattentive/Hyperactive. And it's that H chromosome, the Hyperactive part that makes me go and go and go.

And the inattentive part doesn't help. That may require some explaining though.
Some explaining


I Had One Thing To Do

Empty achievement ...

Yesterday I had one thing to do. I was supposed to make porridge.

Porridge for a week is how this works, I make a huge pot and we keep it in the fridge and heat up what we need.

I had one important thing to do.

I had a few other little things I needed to get done as well. I swear they were nothing.

Like this, I had to write...


Why I Didn’t Win The Election

For goodness sake!

We just had an election in Canada. It is so fresh you can still feel the heat coming off the oven it was baked in. You can smell it in the air as you walk in the front door of our country.

And the results were very favorable as far as I'm concerned.

I, was not elected.

Oh believe me, I did my share of kissing babies and shaking hands. And...


If I Could Save Time

Too soon gone

Many of you, if you're more mature, might recognize that line from Jim Croce's hit, "Time In A Bottle."

"If I could save time in a bottle, the first thing that I'd like to do ..."

I've always loved this song, because I've always felt the meaning of it deeply.

This isn't one of those blogs where I point at famous people who have passed away and tell...


5 Awesome ADHD Cake Baking ADHD Tips

mmmmm, cake

Okay, I admit it. I stole that title from a blog about how to write blogs and titles.

And I stole it for two reasons. One, I really like cake. And two, it distracted me and I read an entire blog post on blogging, just because I really like cake.

So I figured that if it distracted me, and I have ADHD, it would distract you and you'd read my ADHD blog and...


Not On My Watch

I've got all the time in the world

I like puns.

I have a hard time keeping them out of the titles of my blog posts, and I often don't succeed.

Today is no different.

That title refers to my new smart watch, not a period of time when I stand guard over my tribe.
But wait ...
That's kind of what I'm doing, I'm writing about my life so that those of you with ADHD can...


The Tortoise And The Hare

Hare on the go

I'm not a tortoise. I do not move slowly.

Well, okay, I move a lot more slowly than I used to move now that I'm in my sixties. But I still move faster than lots of 40 somethings move, and faster than quite a few 30 somethings as well.

I have ADHD. And I have the combined type of ADHD which means I am both hyper active and inattentive.

And yes,...


Of All The Jobs I’ve Ever Had

What's on the agenda today, eh?

I've done a lot of things in my life. And we all know why that is.

I have ADHD. The things I do need to be exciting or interesting to hold my attention.

I've been so many different things in my life that I often forget some of them.

Did I ever mention I worked on farms as a youngster? Yeah, that was the life. Things constantly changing,...

Adult ADHD

The things I have to do

The things you want to do

You know I'm never going to get everything done.

And I know you're never going to get everything done either.

I think ADHD is the disorder of having too much to do. Except of course that we do that to ourselves. There are so many things we want to do on top of what we need to do.

And after a while we get to the point where we...