ADHD Ninja

I got this ...

I know a guy who can pass for someone with ADHD. And he knows he can do that too.

Does this mean he's too self aware to actually be a person with ADHD?

Self aware is a thing we're not good at. Life aware is a different thing.

We're all pretty much aware that our lives can really suck.
And yet ...
I too am well aware that I can pass for someone with...


How To Stimulate Peace Of Mind

Must be that time of day ...

I have lost count of the number of times I've heard someone with ADHD say some variation of, "Does anyone else go to bed really tired and then lie awake for hours while their mind races?"

And I can tell you that it is a thing.

It is one of those paradoxes that ADHD is rife with, what the disorder almost seems to be...


We Are Not A Few

How it all adds up ...

In the there are million children between the ages of two and seventeen who have been diagnosed with ADHD.

At the wonderful age of eighteen, no one is suddenly cured, they just become someone with Adult ADHD.

So there are more people in the States with ADHD than just a few.

By current accepted figures, 70 percent of children with ADHD retain the disorder when they reach adulthood.


Index Tabs

Multi tasking on my mind

If I could have three wishes and I couldn't wish for more wishes and I also couldn't wish for money, I think I'd wish for index tabs first.

Not the kind that go on file folders, or tabs for my browser which I usually have too many of anyway, but ones that could be placed on different jobs and activities to remind me that I've started something that...


Using Some Discretion

The better part

The word discretion means several things. It means to have the freedom to act, as in "at your own discretion."

It also means acting with decorum, choosing actions that are socially acceptable, as in "Use a little discretion, won't you?"

I have ADHD, which means I am familiar with both of these meanings. I discovered at a very early age that I was at my own discretion all the time.

That is,...


Required Negative Impact Of ADHD

It might help ...

There are criteria for diagnosis of ADHD.

And they keep changing.

Why? I don't know specifics, but mostly because we keep learning things.

But there may be some influences on the changing criteria that one could only call political.
For instance ...
One cannot be diagnosed with ADHD if there is no indication of childhood affliction.

What indicates childhood affliction? History and verification by family members.
But there's a problem
There are people who deny the...


Electric Ecstasy

De clutter might soon be de-cluttered ...

Hey, you! Do you have ADHD? You do? How tidy are you?

Me? Not so much.

I work hard enough at it and I'm moderately successful at it, but I'm not great. In fact, I wouldn't even try to claim that I'm good at it.

I do tidy, but I don't do tidy well.
Like so many things
Disorganization is a way of life for many of us. Not...


Can’t Slow Down

... and don't really want to!

Have you ever been going too fast on a road and missed your turn because it surprised you?

I get into a groove sometimes when I'm driving. You'd be surprised how often I miss the driveway to our own cottage.

And while I do drive an eentsy bit too fast, or at least a teentsy bit over the limit, I don't really speed like I would do...


Am I A Space Cadet?

Reporting for duty ... in a minute or two

Sometimes we refer to ourselves as space cadets.

It's a reference to the foolish things that can occur in our lives because of our intermittent inability to focus.

We've all experienced things like that, and those of us with ADHD have it happen more often than others.

And we're used to it.
To spell it out
Sometimes we are supposed to be down to...


To The Nineteen Year Old Me

My best imitation of me at 19

Hi. I know you're busy, but I need to tell you a few things.

Yes, that is a very fine looking pickup truck you're driving, but try to listen, okay?

No, I don't want a cigarette ... no, not the beer either.

Listen to me. Just shut up a second or two and listen.
You're going to crash!
... too late. Well, that was a nice truck.

Listen, I...