Ain’t Nothing Gonna Break My Stride

I got to keep on movin'

Have you heard that song? It was a big hit in the mid eighties for Matthew Wilder, and it spoke to me back then, but more so because it reminded me of my late wife's office assistant at the time than because it had anything to do with me.

Break My Stride as written by Matthew Wilder and Gregory Prestopino and it begins with the words, "Last...


ADHD Is A Festival

Tri-Continental playing at our festival

I've just finished helping tear down the annual festival I volunteer at. And last week I helped put it together. Counting the two and a half days of the festival itself, I spent eight of the last nine days at the park where it is held.

And I worked pretty hard while I was there.

Also, I took my computer and did my other work in the minutes I could...


On With The Show

Some of the less necessary construction at the festival ...

It's that time of the year again. It's the third weekend in August, and that's when my life gets a lot weird.

The big deal is that I'm involved in a folk festival called Summerfolk in my little city of Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada ...

... and, I still have the rest of my life to deal with.
Involved? How involved?
Well, that's a good question....


Where One Stops And The Next Begins

This is distracting ....

There is a list of symptoms that define ADHD, a set of criteria that make those symptoms valid, and a time line that is required before the diagnosis can actually be made.

The symptoms are the primary requirement, but the criteria must be met as well. The symptoms cannot be present only in one setting, for instance.

And the timeline is also a requirement, in order for an...


I Think, Therefore I Am Distracted

I should put this on a t-shirt!

There is some merit to the idea that hyperactivity is a physical manifestation of distraction.

And we all know that those with inattentive ADHD are far from stupid. Their minds are going all the time, they just don't find their immediate surroundings interesting enough to hold their attention.

So, the thing that both inattentive and hyperactive types of ADHD have in common is distraction, they...


Some Unwritten ADHD Laws

... in a way ... kind of.

There are some things about ADHD that seem to be true.

Or at least, they seem to be the norm for this abnormal way we are.

Some of them also carry in them the caveat that stabilizes them.

For instance, people with ADHD are more likely to visit an emergency room than people without the disorder. The words "more likely" are the caveat that...


ADHD Is 24 Hours A Day

Always there, sometimes matters

If you have ADHD, you always have it. You may have heard the term, "Having an ADHD moment" but if you have ADHD you know that it has more to do with the world around you than with your ADHD.

That is to say, ADHD is the way our brains are, how they work, or don't work in certain ways that others consider normal, whatever...


The Time It Takes

Time is such an unknowable thing for us ...

We are strangers in a strange land when it comes to the contemplation of time.

It seems like a foreign concept to us, and yet we live in time ... all the time.

And from my vantage I'd like to share with you some observations.

Some of them may be insights, some are just obvious but not often stated.
For starters
The concept of time was not conceived...


Part Time ADHD?

... for full time study?

First, to review, ADHD is a set of symptoms. You have to have a certain number of them and they have to affect your life negatively.

They have to have been present in your life since childhood for a diagnosis to be made.

Those are the facts.

But is there a difference between facts and reality?
In what way?
What if there is insufficient history of your childhood to verify...


Stress and the Individual with ADHD

... and how it doesn't help

Two days ago my father passed away. It was not unexpected. And yet, it kind of was.

He's had many ailments in his life and he smoked for 60 years. We'd gotten use to him beating the odds.

But for now, I want to talk about stress and ADHD symptoms, because right now I am aware of my stress, and aware of my symptoms.

And they are connected.
I ...
I do...