Stress and the Individual with ADHD

... and how it doesn't help

Two days ago my father passed away. It was not unexpected. And yet, it kind of was.

He's had many ailments in his life and he smoked for 60 years. We'd gotten use to him beating the odds.

But for now, I want to talk about stress and ADHD symptoms, because right now I am aware of my stress, and aware of my symptoms.

And they are connected.
I ...
I do...


Grab My Attention

I got this ... maybe

Stuff is boring. In my life, there's lots of boring things. It gets old pretty quick.

And as we all know, boredom is poison for us peeps with ADHD.

But not everything is poison. Not everything is boring. Not everything drives me to distraction.

And sometimes the things that could bore me, should bore me, would bore me under other circumstances ... don't.
How's that work?
Dull and boring can be the thing...


One Life To Live

You deserve it!

I'm all for reincarnation. Bring it on!

And maybe we have it already, I don't know.

Sometimes I feel like I've been someplace, done something, heard something before. And at the same time that my mind is saying, "This seems awfully familiar ...", it's also  saying, "Nope, never happened, I have no record of any opportunity for this to have happened before."

That's called déjà vu, and it happens again and again...


And Then … I Remembered

"Some form of dromedary?"

Yesterday started with a jolt for me.

I forgot that I had booked a memory test. I had to be reminded.

I forgot I booked a memory test, and I had booked it the day before yesterday.

I forgot I had a memory test coming up in less than twenty hours after booking the thing.

So I wrote about that yesterday.

And I went to the test, in a spirit...


I Forgot

You know, if you can ...

Listen. I'm having some health issues ... again.

It seems to be a way of life for me.

I suppose it's possible that I am just aging, and not doing it gracefully, but I don't think so.

I'm sixty years old, I've gone from feeling like a forty year old (admittedly one with some arthritis) to feeling like an eighty year old in a matter of ten...


I’m Done!

I am ...

When you have ADHD these words are the most confusing.

"I'm done." is the thing we all want to say, and we all hate to hear, especially in school.

I remember working hard on some project that I thought was fun, and thinking I was just tearing it up. Then someone would say, "I'm done." and several others would say"Me too."

Suddenly I would be left wondering why they were done...


Is It Me? Or ADHD?

About an eleven, eh?

I have a few problems.

Some of them are bigger than others.

Most of them are annoying on good days and debilitating on bad ones.

But my biggest problem seems to be trying to figure out if each of my other problems are uniquely mine, or if they are the result of my ADHD.
I'm not talking about my spectacular inability to remain focused on a task.

And I'm not talking about how...


I Love Hearing That Stuff

Letters, we get letters, we get lots and lots of letters ... sort of.

I get , I don't get actual physical letters on paper, at least I haven't yet.

But I get emails. Emails and comments and private messages on the Facebook sometimes come my way. I've been tweeted at and I do see those ... eventually, when I remember that I'm on the twittery thing there.

Apparently it's also possible to...


One More Dichotomy

Pick one or the other ...

Every time I think of another oddity in my ADHD life, and realize that it is the opposite of what should be happening, I get a little chill.

Some years ago I called ADHD the disorder of dichotomies or something like that, the obvious reason was that we were capable of focus but not of focusing on what we needed to focus...


Mission Not Impossible

Mission accomplished!

Yesterday I told you about a little travel problem I managed to cause for myself.

I left home after having recorded my radio show that's due to be aired while I'm away.

I detailed some of the troubles I had with this trip, not many because I'm pretty good at traveling anymore.

As the title implied, I am Well Traveled!
Practice practice practice
So yesterday's blog detailed how well I...