The Best Of ADHD

I could learn to love this ...

“I like having it a lot; it is who I am." ~ Richard Bacon, Television and Radio host, talking about his ADHD.

There are days when I am happy. And in fairness, there have been more of them since my diagnosis than there were before.

The oddity for me is that when I have a good day, I don't think about my ADHD. When I...


Don’t Assume You Know Me

You think you can see inside my mind?

You think I forgot that thing because I don't care, right?

Don't assume you know me.

You think I don't remember your name because I don't find you interesting.

But that isn't the most likely reason I can't remember your name.

In fact it's more likely that I was so focused on the interesting aspects of you that the label that is your name just went in one...


Snow In July? Life With ADHD

I have key issues

It's Not About Finding The Key

And no, it's not about finding my keys. Well, maybe, sometimes, but that's not what life with ADHD is about.

It's about how my mind is able to create entire worlds in which I can lose myself. I can spend days there while I am on autopilot.

And on autopilot I can do things without remembering them.
Like this morning
I got out all my meds at...


I Am The King

Is this a good idea?

I'm wondering if I should change my name from Man Of DistrAction to King Of ProcrastiNation.

Both are seriously on point. Both are clever.

Both names would be perfect for a blog.

But, the more I think about it, the more I have a problem with change.
It's a big deal!
It is? Not really. It's actually just me playing around in my head. It's a thing I do....


ADHD? I Know

I think I know you ...

I know you're having trouble. It comes with the territory.

I know that you put the kettle on the stove and that's when your mind reminds you that you need to shower, to pick up groceries, to go get the mail and chat with the neighbor. I know.

I know that you leave the house and go back three times before you drive away. I know...

Adult ADHD

A Little Put Off

Pondering my procrastination ...

I put things off sometimes. They call that procrastination. And by "sometimes" I mean all the time.

Obviously I don't procrastinate on everything. I'm kind of lucky in that I love to write. And writing and editing is a large part of what I do for a living.

The problem with procrastination for people with ADHD is that we often make a mess of our lives with...


ADHD Brain On Shuffle

Take that!

I used to love my mind and the music it had constantly playing in the background.

I think the person who invented elevator music was probably one of us.  I mean, music, just playing, constantly, to keep you calm or keep you from getting bored with the ride? How clever.

It's like a sound track for the trip from one floor to another

And remember mall music ... back when we could go...

Adult ADHD

So, There’s A Pandemic

I'll have the fish ...

So, I'm hearing from some of my acquaintances that they're having trouble concentrating.

And some of them are neuro-typicals. And I'm wondering how I should react to that.

The smirk doesn't seem to go over really well. It's usually met with nastiness and a, "What's that look for?" kind of reaction.

The people I know with ADHD that are saying this are not saying it a lot more than they used...

Adult ADHD

My ADHD Inspired Life

What I see ...

There's some things about my life that seem to be different from the lives of those I grew up with.

And some of those differences are because I have ADHD.

But which of those differences are resultant from ADHD and which are just me being odd? That's hard to say.

The problem is, in scientific terms, lack of a benchmark.
You see ...
I've never been neuro-typical. So I have nothing to compare...


ADHD Is Like Refinishing Walls

Get to work!

I do a little bit of contractor work on the side, I may have mentioned that a few times?

One of the things I get called on to do is patch holes in walls for people.

The thing is that it's impossible, but doable.

You can cut out the damage, brace the inner wall, add some drywall even if the previous wall was lathe and plaster, put drywall compound on...