ADHD? Let Me Sleep On That … ZZZZZZZZZ

I'm exhausted. I'd like to say I've been working hard. I have been working. I just haven’t been working harder than usual.

Truth is, I didn't sleep well last night. The mice were running in the wheel inside my head when I went to bed. And I think maybe that squeaky axle needs a little grease.
Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm a liar
I'm always saying I don't have trouble sleeping, and I don't – usually. Trouble sleeping is one of the more common ADHD traits, but one I rarely have to deal with. When I do have trouble, I usually know why. Stress!

Adult ADHD

The Best ADHD Deadline is No Deadline

The word dichotomy keeps popping up in my mind. I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago called Dichotomy; ADHD Style and though I knew I hadn’t covered all the possible oxymoronic quirks of this disorder of mine, I didn’t think I missed anything glaringly important ...

But today, I was thinking about my reactions to different jobs that I’ve been given. I’m fully aware that I respond differently to being given jobs based on whether the job itself interests me.

How much admiration or respect I have for the person who assigns the task is also a factor. But all things being equal, I’ve discovered there is another issue.


The Fallacy Of Organization In The ADHD World

A little while ago I was doing some work in a friend's office. It’s a rather cluttered and disorganized space. That makes it frustrating to work in, but I never judge and I never complain about spaces like that. I can’t, my work space is no less of a mess, it’s just my mess. I know my way around my own mess.

As I was shifting some things around, I came across a plastic crate with the label “OTHER” on it.

I burst out laughing. There were maybe four of these crates in a stack. This was the only one with a label on it, and the label was so ambiguous it was funny.


Where Do You Live? My ADHD Life

Having ADHD means I live in a fast, tumultuous current of high-speed thoughts. And that can mean not having time to gather my thoughts and contemplate them as a whole. You've maybe heard me talk about our lack of self awareness? Maybe? This is a big part of it, not being able to collect my thoughts, not being able to analyze them.
I like the night life
I try to do that at night. When I go to bed I think “What did you do today? What did you think about? What did you learn? What could you have learned?” And then, in answer to these questions, I respond: “ ..... zzzzzzzzzzzz ....”
Except for the differences, we're exactly the same
Yes, I know, an anomaly. I'm supposed to have trouble sleeping. My mind whirling around should keep me awake for awhile, right? Sorry. We ADHDers weren't cut out with a biscuit cutter. I lie awake tossing and turning for 15, sometimes 20 ... seconds. Then I'm gone. I can't help it.


A Glimpse Into a Different ADHD Mind

Some of you know that I wrote another blog before this one, Tao Of Taylor, written under my other name, Taylor McKinlay.

You may not know, however, of a third blog out there. A blog that speaks to my love of poetry. ADD-Verse is a blog that invites people with ADHD to submit their poetry so that I can selfishly hoard it all in a collection. Of course I share it, and I also cherish every submission.

The rules of the blog are that you can write about anything, the poem must be a minimum of one word long and it must be written using letters found in books like dictionaries or encyclopedias ... in short, just about anything goes.

Did I say you had to have ADHD to submit a poem? If I did, I’m sorry, you don’t have to. You might be writing about a loved one who has ADHD. I guess the long and short of it is that if you can connect your poem to ADHD in any way, I’ll present it to the world. Oh, I do need a name and a copyright year.


ADHD Snow Day – Half Empty or Half Full?

Here in the great white north, Canada, we associate ourselves with winter. It doesn't last as long as some might think when they think of Canada. Along the higher populated southern border we get about three months of really cold weather, usually.

Where I live in Southwestern Ontario, it's usually three months. This year it's been a very mild winter. The bay I live by has yet to freeze. It probably won't, even if it does turn cold enough. It's what my ancestors would have called an open winter. I've seen the grass of my lawn more than I've seen it covered with snow.

But Friday last brought flurries, fed by evaporation from Georgian Bay, that fell with a steady building progress and blanketed my little town quite completely.


Truth in Advertising and the ADHD Label

We have a love/hate relationship with labels, don't we? Often we're happy to have a name for our troubles. But we do hate being grouped and judged by poorly understood criteria.

And as labels go, ADHD is pretty ineffectual. It misses the mark. It tries to be a catchall, yet only covers some of our many symptoms, and it does that poorly at best.
Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder? Really?
I don't have an attention deficit, I have an attention Control deficit. And, while I am hyperactive, not all of us are. Do we really need to include that in the name?

If we are going to try to explain this disorder by its name, we have to try to include all the other potential symptoms.


Positively Child Raising; ADHD or Not!

Today, I have to confess that I've been suffering from a bit of hero worship lately.

Max and Millie (not their real names) can be seen in my town on the local sled hill, or skating, or they can be found chasing each other on main street in playful hide and seek fashion. Or they can be in hiding at home, spending a Saturday morning dueling on their game console or having tickle fights.
Meet Max & Millie
Max is six years old. Millie, his mother, is the object of my hero worship.

As a child growing up, I was not diagnosed. In fact, we had no idea what ADHD was. We'd never heard of it. I've told you before that I was not encouraged to think of myself as normal, but I was also not allowed to think of myself as abnormal or subnormal.

I know now that my mind fits neatly on the Autism spectrum. So does Max' mind. He has Asperger Syndrome.


Due to ADHD and Other Circumstances …

... beyond my control, there will not be a regular blog post today. Ill health has descended on my home and has become the main topic of conversation. Yes, I’m alone, but you all know already that I talk to myself, right?

Anyway, influenza has commenced to influence the weather inside my head. A warm front interspersed with frequent chills has taken over creating a vast fog bank rolling around between my ears.

Frequent foghorns can be heard, though I suspect only by me, and there is a flurry of hankies falling in the laundry hamper area.


Getting Through a Sick Day – ADHD Style

Wednesday afternoon I came home feeling a little under the weather. My lungs felt like they had steel wool in them and my eyes were kind of itchy. I have a bit of lung damage though, and it’s winter, there isn’t enough moisture in the indoor air, my eyes always feel a little itchy in the winter.

I was probably fine. I hit the couch with a good book and drank tea for the evening.

I woke up on Thursday feeling much better, ’til I coughed. The steel wool was gone. It had been replaced by a handful of rusty nails.

No problem, I just wouldn’t cough. I headed out the door and climbed into my truck.

It wouldn't start ...