Potential Side Effects of Stimulant Medication

Yes, it's true. ADHD stimulant medication has side effects. And as we all know, side effects are bad. Only drugs with no side effects should ever be allowed.

So that leaves us with ... nothing. Even sugar piles used as placebos have potential side effects.

To avoid the risk of side effects, you can no longer eat. There is no food that you might not potentially be affected by. Even if you've eaten it before with success, you may develop a reaction to your favourite vittles any day now.


How Not To Prioritize To-Do Lists

I have my priorities straight: be honest in my dealings with others, pay my bills, maintain my health. These are easy, no brainers, right? Right!

But prioritizing isn't always so easy, especially when it comes to the smaller things. Being unable to focus on single things is an issue when deciding what's important. Do I take out the garbage or fold the laundry.

Well, I should do both. But in my world, doing one or the other first usually means I'm choosing which one has a better chance of getting done.


How ADHD Stimulant Medication Slows Me Down

Stimulants motivate people. Stimulants make people more active. At one time (and probably still) stimulants were used as diet pills.

People with ADHD are often very active, especially those of us with the “H” switch turned on and the hyper drives set to warp ten.

I'm one of those. I can go through the day feeling like I've accomplished nothing, yet I won't have stopped “doing” all day long.

To itemize my accomplishments you sometimes have to be very creative. I moved a book from my night stand to my dresser, some receipts from my dresser to my desk, a dirty coffee cup from my desk to the kitchen counter, my phone charger from the counter to the hall table, the newspaper from the hall table to the end table, my shoes from beside the end table to the side door, my keys from the door to the key rack ... you know I could go on.


Lets Talk! Bell Makes Mental Health Easier To Talk About

As marketing schemes go, this was a good one. Bell, Canada's telecommunications giant, has been ramping up to February 12th, choosing that day to put mental health in the limelight.

I know this brought them a great deal of publicity, but I don't have a problem with that. The money they spent on this campaign could easily have gone to slick commercials and a cadre of spin doctors figuring out how to make saving a nickle look like something worth the money and effort needed to invest in getting signed up for that “save a nickle” program.


5 Ways To Make Your Valentine’s Day An ADHD Success!

Wow, tomorrow is Valentine's Day? Seems like that just happened 12 months or so ago. What? Are they having it annually now? You'd think I'd have noticed that ...

Oh well, luckily, last year, I came up with a list of 5 ways to make your Valentine's Day an ADHD success. And I put that list in a pile on my desk, a pile of lists, a pile of lists of important things, perhaps ways of making occasions successful or some such thing as that. Now where is it ...


What’s Wrong With Focus? What’s Right With Distraction?

The other day I had an unhappy task, the ending of a friendship. It wasn't my choice, yet it was.

I had helped this friend at times, at least I like to think I had. And my friend had helped me.

But a time came when I was asked not to contact that friend. I was hurt, and reacted badly. It was not a good time to lose a friend, I had lost my wife five months earlier.

When I say I reacted badly, I mean via email. As soon as I clicked the send button I regretted it. My sentiment was honest, but I could have entertained that sentiment without sharing.


Bring On The Drama: My New ADHD Medication Part II

So, on Wednesday, we talked about how we focus on things like TV. I suggested that It wasn't really a positive thing, more like something we can't help. And while the focusing is something we'd like to be able to harness, I didn't think I could find any help in examining this particular habit.

I did allude to the idea that drama might play a role in focus, and, bad TV aside, I still think drama is a great focusing tool. If you can find drama in a dull task, you have a better chance of making it to the end of that task.

My mother had a way of making my tasks more difficult. Don't get me wrong here, she knew what she was doing. If I was suffering in my attempts to get through a particularly tedious task, she would make it more challenging. Bingo, focus accomplished.


1 Easy Step To Conquering Clutter with ADHD

How do I conquer clutter with ADHD? That's a very good question. We, those of us with ADHD, know all too well the trials of dealing with our disorder. And one of the more overwhelming parts of this disorder is, well, the disorder, the piles of things everywhere. Piles that seem, to the untrained eye, to have no order or definition at all. In fact, even to the eye of the ADHDer that made them, they might elude being defined.
They don't call this a disorder for nothing, you know
The logic that caused this piece of paper to be placed on that corner of your desk, only to be covered by a scanner and three paper clips, a box that used to contain a dozen pens, two business cards, a digital audio recorder, two blank CD's, a book and an empty coffee cup ... is no longer evident. Even to me, the guy who piled the stuff there, there seems to be no sense.