Bring It On, I Can Take It! I’m A Poet With ADHD

©2013 Kelly Babcock
Vague moons and hazy sunsets
Seem the emblems of my life,
Angst builds up with duties shirked,
With dodging grief and strife, Have you ever sat down at a desk, intent on writing a poem, your purpose in doing so simply to prove yourself capable? I write a lot of things, blog posts, songs, poems, chapters of unfinished books (don't ask), Facebook and Twitter status updates, bios for artistic people, I'll write just about anything.


6 Home Remedies For ADHD

You know there's no cure, I know there's no cure, but we both know there are things that help.

Stimulant medications are proven to assist many of us in focusing our minds and stilling our souls. But they don't work for everyone. And even when they do, sometimes the side effects aren't tolerable.

I'll be your example for that, Methylphenidate helped me focus and kept my bouncing in check. Sadly it exacerbated my anxiety to an intolerable point. So here I am back again, scattered and distracted by things as insignificant as my own finger drumming, which has of course, increased.


Getting Worked Up, ADHD On The Job

A while ago, I received an email from a reader discussing ADHD in the workplace. Her situation was that she was rejoining the outside workforce after having put in more than two decades in the service of running a household.

Further to this, she had only recently been diagnosed with ADHD.

She had started out in an entry level position, working cash in a big box store. But as is often the case with ADHDers, her performance in this structured position attracted attention and she was suddenly being cultivated for bigger and better things.

During her training for the new position, she was given the benefit of an evaluation. She heard the areas she had problems in were time management and focus.


A Secret About People With ADHD

I just talk about myself and my experiences.”

She said, “It reinforced my belief that allowing myself to really feel my emotions while I talk to them makes the biggest connection. People see a lot about the superficial challenges of ADHD, but few talk about the hidden shame and pain, and that certainly applies to your blog.”


Time Machines, Trains, And ADHD

It's the end of the morning and I haven't started working yet. It's the end of the afternoon and I haven't started dinner. It's the end of the day and I haven't started cleaning up the kitchen. It's the end of the week and I haven't started the laundry.

It's almost spring and I haven't put the deck furniture away for the winter yet.

It's middle age and I haven't started saving for retirement.


Why I Can’t Think Straight; ADHD Brain Revving

Perhaps that title should read “Why I can't think at all?” ... forget “straight.”

When I get up in the morning, my normal state of mind is rather a tornado. If I've got some stressful issues in my day, that normal state can be turned way up. Mostly, the tornadoes are focused when I've got things to deal with.

Sunday was like that for me. If you read Mondays post, you'll know that I over extended myself, meh ... a little. That was okay. Like I said, having things to deal with helps me focus.


ADHD And Overwhelmed At The Big Show!

About four months ago I started participating in a program called “Sounds,” a local monthly show of music and spoken word by amateur and professional artists.

The show consists of one musical act and one spoken word act each doing a set. Other musicians, poets and spoken word artists then take turns performing in an open mic, coffee house style.


Autism And ADHD, I’d Never Say I Told You So …

I'll tell you why I might consider it though.

A few months ago, a tragic event occurred. There was a shooting in a school in Connecticut.

And then, because tragedy isn't apparently enough for some, there were comments made about the mental health of the alleged shooter. I took the stance that his mental health was secondary to the issue, and only played a part in so much as societies treatment, marginalization and stigmatization of him would have played a far greater role in the events under scrutiny.

I have not changed my mind. But in a post entitled Asperger's, ADHD, Autism and Violence: Is There A Connection ... I suggested that ADHD was on the Autism Spectrum.

You'd think I'd said God was dead. I was questioned about my stance. I was abused about it. I was insulted, called names, and lectured.


Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here

In Dante's Divine Comedy, specifically in the first part referred to as Dante's Inferno, the title of this post appears as the ninth line of a poem carved on the gate to hell.

Where are we going?

I'm not taking us to meet anyone worse looking than our own images in the mirror, so unless you feel particularly satanical, I think we'll be safe enough. But I am going to offer a new thought. Well, maybe not a new thought, but some in-depth observation on a way of thinking about our lives ... or at least the way I'm starting to think about my life.


What You Should Know About Your ADHD Symptoms

I have ADHD. It is something I talk about a lot. I've been accused of wearing it on my sleeve, in fact. But the truth is, there isn't a part of my life that it doesn't impact. Having said that, I must admit that I didn't know I had ADHD until I was 50.

How did that happen?

It happened because I fit in with the world, my world. The distractedness and inability to focus, the wondering what I came into this room or that for, the tantrums, the tree climbing, all of it were exactly what was expected of me because I was that type of person. No one asked the question “What type of person is that, exactly?”