5 Debunked Causes Of ADHD We Can Now Laugh At

There was a time when there existed people who disbelieved in the existence of ADHD. I can hear you gasping as you ask incredulously “When?”

Prepare yourselves for a shock, the time ... is now. There are still people out there who believe that ADHD does not exist. But that time is fast approaching its end. The proof may never be clear enough for the average person on the street to understand, but its wide spread acceptance by the medical community heralds the end of the time of doubt.

You see, genes have been isolated, risks calculated, detriments catalogued, impairments noted, deficits evidenced. Conclusion? There is a psychological disorder called Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.


The Dawn Of ADHD Awareness: The view From Here

So, here we are with the last instalment of Katy Rollin's answers to our questions.

It's going to seem quiet around here when she leaves. I'll try to keep things lively, you know I always try.

And if you haven't had enough of the unsinkable Katy, don't forget you can find her at her blog, 18channels, where she writes as an embedded reporter from the front lines of an ADHD family.

But enough of the future, here's the present, according to Katy.


The Dawn Of ADHD Awareness: A Different Perspective

Meet my friend, Katy Rollins.

Many of us are older than the name Attention Deficit Awareness Disorder or ADHD. Many of us predate even the name ADD. Personally, I'm so ancient I go all the way back to the time of Minimal Brain Dysfunction … though I was not diagnosed with that.

In fact, while many of us were around for these changes, a very large percentage of us were in the dark when it came to our own mental health.

My guest today is a sparky young woman who is missing a couple of decades of life in comparison to me. She has known of her ADHD for a while, and she gives every appearance of having embraced it. Not in a loving way, but in a “This is my life and I'm not going to waste it!” way.

That doesn't mean that having ADHD is an easy road, you know that, and I know that. And over three of the next four blog posts, our good friend Katy Rollins is going to confirm that she also knows that.


6 Misconceptions Others Have About People With ADHD

They're out there. You know they're out there. Those people who think they know all about us ADHDers.

And what makes them such experts? Why do they think they know about us? I don't know. Maybe they hear things in coffee shops. Maybe they read misleading internet information (I know! I too was recently shocked to discover that not everything published online is true).

Or maybe they make assumptions about all of us based on one or two of us.

I would guess you're tired of hearing me say that ADHD is a collection of symptoms. But it is, and no two of us have the same set to the same extent, so how could one or two of us be used to define the description of all of us? Well, they couldn't, that's how.


ADHD: Scattered Thinking Outside The Box

On Wednesday we discussed the possibility that ADHD was a gift or had gifts to offer.

I wasn't sure I could give an opinion on that and, in my own opinionated way, explained why. I also described what the creative process was like for me. I referred to it as Solo Collaboration, and contemplated whether or not that might be considered a gift.

While I was describing that, I got distracted by the thought that our thinking is sometimes referred to as “thinking outside of the box.”


ADHD Is A Solo Collaboration

People often refer to the gifts of ADHD, some raving about them and others denying their existence.

I, being the consummate fence sitter, try not to weigh in on the gift question, though I don't always succeed.

I will say that it is often presented as “gift vs curse” and, in my opinion, that's wrong. There is no doubt that ADHD is a curse, but if there are gifts involved they are present along side of the curse. Gift and curse are not mutually exclusive.


Bring It On, I Can Take It! I’m A Poet With ADHD

©2013 Kelly Babcock
Vague moons and hazy sunsets
Seem the emblems of my life,
Angst builds up with duties shirked,
With dodging grief and strife, Have you ever sat down at a desk, intent on writing a poem, your purpose in doing so simply to prove yourself capable? I write a lot of things, blog posts, songs, poems, chapters of unfinished books (don't ask), Facebook and Twitter status updates, bios for artistic people, I'll write just about anything.


6 Home Remedies For ADHD

You know there's no cure, I know there's no cure, but we both know there are things that help.

Stimulant medications are proven to assist many of us in focusing our minds and stilling our souls. But they don't work for everyone. And even when they do, sometimes the side effects aren't tolerable.

I'll be your example for that, Methylphenidate helped me focus and kept my bouncing in check. Sadly it exacerbated my anxiety to an intolerable point. So here I am back again, scattered and distracted by things as insignificant as my own finger drumming, which has of course, increased.