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5 Contradictions Of ADHD

A paradox, and one to spare …

ADHD enjoys a certain mystery among those who choose not understand it. If those people believe at all that it exists, they can’t see what goes on inside our heads. And it seems that they’d rather not know. They therefore think it’s all distractions and random associations.

And, truly, there is a lot of that, I have to admit, but we are so much more than that. We are complex, much more than just collectors of unfinished projects, pilers of things, missers of appointments. We are the ones who see the things that others can’t in the places others aren’t drawn to look. We are the ones who feel a tree’s strength and softness at the same time, the ones who hear the river laughing at the rocks it tumbles over. We are the ones who feel a kindred love for small birds who dash around from twig to terrace and cannot sit still for more than a few seconds.

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5 Contradictions Of ADHD

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  1. I just smiled at the description of the anger snap at being interrupted – and how quickly that goes… A long ago friend once observed that – this was in a job that had a ton of paperwork due – on the last day of each month. So you know where that goes – She said I was this eternally nice, laid back, tolerant and helpful darling until say, the 29th day of any month. When – I had to FINISH all those partly done pieces of paper or get in hot water, I set to them with total focus – a vengeance that erupted at anyone who came near me – for about 2 days. Then, the impossible mess unscrambled for the moment, Ms Charming was free to return and do everything BUT all the paper for the next 4 weeks. I am still not 100% sure I’m ADD (not so H)but so much fits.

    • Hey, oldblackdog,

      It’s certainly a common thing for us. We call it transitioning and when we’re in hyper-focus we don’t do it gracefully at all.

      Thanks for the classic description of one of our more commonly shared problems, and thanks again for reading my blog,


      • The other part of number 4 for me is the frustration that others can’t move on and put an issue into the past as quickly as I do. I’ll snap at someone, he or she will get angry with me, I see their point, admit my fault and move on. However, they haven’t moved on. They’re now focused on something I just said, or how I said it. Now I’m getting frustrated because they are dragging it out.

        Early in adulthood, before I was diagnosed, I recognized this cycle. I started to give in or acquiesce to avoid confrontation, and still do today. I became known as “Mr. Nice Guy” “Never Says No” and laid back, when really I’m just holding back my opinions. And I know it’s the wrong thing to do.

      • Hey, ekuryluk,

        … I know! It’s like they just can’t let it go, can’t quit dwelling on it …

        But you raise an interesting point, despite my anxiety, I think I’m perceived as laid back in some respects also. Hmmm, worth looking in to.

        Thanks for reading my blog and for commenting,

  2. Wow this article was so informative and such an affirmation for me! I can’t find a doctor that will understand that being on a stimulant (#1) actually calms my anxiety. I am going to show this to my doctor, who knows if it will help, but thank you so much for this! The first RES feed I have ever subscribed to! 🙂

    • Hello, amber bellikka,

      I’m so glad you got some good out of my post. I hope it helps with your doctor.

      Thanks for commenting and for reading my blog,


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