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ADHD: It’s Still About Time!

What time is it, anyway?

In Canada, we have a folk goddess named Joni Mitchell. I hope you’ve heard of her, she is one of our national treasures.

She played Woodstock. (Note: A reader, NDJ, has commented on this post, pointing out that Mitchell never attended Woodstock. Click the link below to read the comments.) Many of her songs have been covered by artists around the world. And she is my number one favorite professional Canadian singer/songwriter.

One of her older songs is called “The Circle Game.”  In one of the verses she mentions that in teenage years people live life fast but older folks tell them that they will reach a point when they will be dragging their feet, trying to “slow the circles down.”

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ADHD: It’s Still About Time!

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  1. Joni Mitchell did not attend Woodstock, she wrote the anthem but did not attend: According to two biographies, the reason Joni Mitchell had “transportation problems” keeping her from Max Yasgur’s farm was that James Taylor was supposed to give her a lift up the Thruway from her hotel in New York City. Taylor was in a bad motorcycle accident on Martha’s Vineyard, breaking both arms and keeping him out from behind the wheel and away from the guitar for months. That was it for Joni’s trip to Woodstock. Joni Mitchell wrote it after hearing the group talk about their experience there. Mitchell did not attend the festival (she was scheduled to perform, but couldn’t make it)

    • Hey, hey, NDJ:

      Noted and appreciated. I didn’t make it to Woodstock either. In checking out your statement I found that another suggestion for her not being there was that a manager had told her it would be more advantageous for her career to appear on the Dick Cavett show at that time.

      Thanks for keeping an eye on me, funny how we can be so diligent in checking controversial facts and then write our assumptions without a second thought …

      Thanks for reading my blog and for taking the time to write,

  2. Recently had a discussion with a woman w/ adhd. She suggested I might be afflicted with it and should look into into …

    That lead me into stumbling upon, and quite enjoying, your writings.


    My sense of time has always been different from other’s. I am great with the seconds and the minutes, days start to get a bit “hazy”, weeks, months, and years go by …. ahhhh, but the seconds and the minutes. I am deeply in touch with them.

    What day is it? Don’t have a clue. The month? Hmmm, must be summer. June? July? I’ll look at the phone and almost immediately forget.

    Time doesn’t seem to matter. But the seconds and minutes do!

    I look forward to reading more of your musings.

    Oh, don’t get me started on what I want to be when I grow up. I’m in my 40’s and figure I am what I am and I will grow and change as I will.


    • Hi Evan,

      Seconds and minutes, yeah, I get that. Where did my first fifty years go? Beats me, but the seconds and minutes were fabulous.

      Thanks for the comments and for reading my blog,
      hope it helps,


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