2 thoughts on “The ADHD Emergency Kit

  • February 5, 2020 at 8:14 pm

    The ADHD emergency kit is a great idea!

    Now I know where to put those meds I forgot to take, because I will surely wait too long to take a prescription to get it filled. Then I flip because I don’t have enough to get me through (especially when my pharmacist says “Sorry, we don’t have it in stock. We’ll get it in on…. Wednesday.”
    Wait a minute, Today is Saturday! What am I supposed to do? The Script is non transferable!).

    My eyeglass prescription is a big one. I manage to lose my glasses even when I make sure that I put them in the case.
    One time the case (with glasses inside) fell in the trash, and by the time I realized it, they were on their way to the landfill.

    Another time I was in a gas station restroom, took my newly replaced glasses off, placed them carefully on the top of my open purse. I moved 5 steps away to read something posted on the wall. Turned back around, went back to my purse to put my glasses back on, but poof! My glasses had disappeared.

    Even the store employee, who had seen me go in to the single stall room, and helped me to scour the area (I was nowhere the trash can but I checked it anyway) was baffled. She went in 15 minutes later to clean the restroom and searched places you need gloves to check, but she couldn’t find them.

    I left my name and # but they never reappeared.

    We’re not talking about cheap plastic lenses.
    $300 /pair.

    I’ve also lost them on my face 😀 )

    Thank you for including that having a regular emergency kit is important as well.
    I’ll more than likely misplace the envelope with my list on it.

    10 minutes before I read this article, I lost the envelope that I had written down an important email address.

    I’m going to have to hope that I don’t misplace the device I’m about to start the list on.

    • February 11, 2020 at 8:16 am

      Hi, Dawn,
      I keep my eye glass prescription in my wallet, but you might be right, the kit might be the better place. I buy my glasses from my optometrists shop since I discovered that there is a slightly higher chance of the prescription being a little off in discount glasses, and they keep my prescription on file too so that helps me a bit.
      I hear everything else you mentioned and it rings resoundingly true.

      Good luck with your kit.



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