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Waffling At Breakfast Time

What's for breakfast?

I'm a bit scattered this morning. I seem to be losing time. I look at the clock and think, "Gotta get up." or "Time to make breakfast." or "Time to write, right now."

Then I glance at the clock a few seconds later and ten minutes have gone by. What the helz???

So I'm trying to figure out what's causing this today, because nothing saves time like thinking about something other...
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The ADD In ADDiction

Odd that we can be addicted to so many things, but forget to take our meds, eh?

I'm not saying that addiction is the sole domain of ADHD. I'm not saying that you have to have ADHD to have an addiction. I'm not even saying that there is a higher rate of addiction among people with ADHD.

I'm saying I wouldn't be surprised if there was a higher rate of addiction among people...
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Recurrent Focus

Remind me what to do again?

I know it all sounds very "New Age" and "mind over matter" and the like, but I'm going to suggest this anyway. And those of you who have been following along will realize that this is a recurring theme that I put forward on many occasions.

I'm going to tell you, once again, now that the holidays are over, to please go easy on yourself.

And at this...
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The Hoarding

The hoard ...

A hoard is a collection of valuable artifacts, usually found by archaeologists. Guess what I found in my house while I was moving?

Not a hoard. Well, not in the strictest sense of the word.

I found a collection of artifacts that have value to me. Though quite a few of them I've already tossed out, way more than half of them are in the house I'm now living in. And if...
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Get It Done

Getting it done

Today, if you're reading this when it's fresh, is December the 14th. There are ten days left 'til Christmas Eve. And that title up there is a bit misleading.

I'm not trying to tell you to get busy. You're doing that to yourself already, aren't you?

You're fretting and stewing about what you've agreed to do and how much of it there is actually still time to get done.

You're worrying about...
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I Need An ADHD Break

Gimme a break, eh?

I have things to do. I have stuff going on in my life. I have problems, and projects, and hopes and dreams.

I have things to do, to take care of, to get through or enjoy. I don't have time for ADHD.

So, I'm asking if I can take a break from it ... please? It would be such a relief to not have to deal with all the little...
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Hidden In Plain Sight

Well hidden

I get some interesting reactions when I tell people I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was fifty.

I'm pretty sure that some of them are the result of people thinking, "How did no one know before then?"

I'm equally sure that some are caused by people who are still willing to believe that ADHD, particularly Adult ADHD, do not exist. Many of those people also believe that vaccines cause...
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Tired Of ADHD

... to the store

Lately I've been a little bit tired. And I can't really say why, to be quite honest. I don't mean I'm not at liberty to tell you why, I just mean I can't think why I'm feeling this way.

I do know that since I've kind of retired, I'm really busy. But I'm damned if I can remember what all I've done.

And I blame this whole thing totally and completely...
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Hyperactive Meets Motion Sickness

Perpetual motion sickness ...

There are people who debate the existence of hyper-focus. There are those who say it isn't focus if you can't control it.

The term comes from being focused on something to the exclusion of all else, whether there are more important things that need ones attention. So, since it is about being focused on, and unable to withdraw that focus, I'm okay with the term hyper-focus, so long as it...
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