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Do Over!

Uh ... no!

Every September I start feeling regret.

I had watched so many people going through school so smoothly, so easily, and I kept falling behind.

I knew I wasn't stupid. I could grasp ideas and concepts quicker than most others in my classes. But I could not keep my attention on lessons where the same thing was repeated long after I'd gotten it.

Then I'd miss the next part, because by...
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Take The Day Off

My day off ...

So it's Wednesday, and the week is only half over.

And it's true that I work at so many different jobs that it's impossible for me to take an entire day off.

And worse still, I work seven days a week, though it's true that I only do a couple of things on the weekend, unless something comes up in one of my weekday jobs that needs my attention.

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We Learn

We learn how to do this, this thing called ADHD. We learn because we repeat things, mistakes, and coping skills. We learn because we have no choice.

We learn to live with our distractible natures. We learn to tolerate our repetitive foibles and lapses.

And we learn to accept the judgements that are constantly handed down to us.
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ADHD Gone Fishing

Where my mind is right now ...

That title sounds like I, as someone with ADHD, have gone fishing. I have not.

Well, I've gone fishing before, but not recently.

No, today I'm pondering how to identify how much of what I experience is colored by my having ADHD. I'm fishing, if you will, for that always elusive understanding of the effects of this disorder.

And particularly, I'm trying to understand how it affects me...
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Think Before You Act

Are we there yet?

As a general rule, I would advise all people to consider their plans before putting them into action.

And that doesn't mean just outlining them in their minds and then pushing the "go" button. It means going over those plans and considering what could go wrong, what might have been overlooked, where could things change in an unexpected way?

I give great advice, don't I?
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Life Long Learning

Still learning ...

There's a reason we, the people with ADHD, often feel like we don't belong. It's that we get left behind.

No, I don't mean picked last or not at all for games and sports, though many of us knew that feeling. I mean that we see many people doing many things and we say to ourselves, "I want to do that!"

And when we say, "that," we mean all of it. We...
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Turned Up On Bust

Cranked up past ten ...

I'm not sure how prevalent that bit of slang is. I've only heard a couple of Newfoundlanders use it. It means turned up so high or fast that it can't help but break down. Like running an outboard motor at full throttle until it gives up and goes home without you, as they say.

Locally I've heard the phrase "Turned up to eleven." That pretty much means the same...
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Podcasting The Dark Side

I had a dark side ...

No, sorry, this has nothing to do with StarWars™, this is about the dark side of my life.

And no, it isn't about my current life. Currently, I'm doing really well.

This is about what my life was like before.

This is about being a younger me, with no knowledge of ADHD, and no executive function that was comparable to the executive functions enjoyed by my peers. And the podcast...
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ADHD Running in Smoke Rings

All smoke, no mirrors ...

If you have ADHD and you smoke, you're self medicating.

When I was younger, I smoked. I smoked from the age of twelve, to the age of 36. When I turned 48 and had been smoke free for twelve years, I was able to say the same thing I could have said at the age of 24, that I had smoked for half of my life.

Not really an accomplishment...
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ADHD Porridge Brain

This is my brain on ADHD ...

There are two things that impact on my brain at the same time. Two opposing forces, if you will.

One of them is the driving urge to be doing something all the time. I love being busy.

And that is not a bad thing. Being busy is good. I get lots done.

But the other thing that impacts on my brain is this, I hate being ...
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