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Life Long Learning

Still learning ...

There's a reason we, the people with ADHD, often feel like we don't belong. It's that we get left behind.

No, I don't mean picked last or not at all for games and sports, though many of us knew that feeling. I mean that we see many people doing many things and we say to ourselves, "I want to do that!"

And when we say, "that," we mean all of it. We...
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Nuclear Health

Do it!

Listen, my local power generation corporation, Bruce Power, is up to something. And it has to do with mental health. It really does. I swear!

I mean, I have issues with nuclear power generation. For starters, everyone is quibbling about them burying coveralls and booties in a deep geological repository near the shore of Lake Huron, and no one is asking the tough questions, like ... "Where are the...
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ADHD Bounds

Opportunities to bound abound

So many puns, so little time.

Does that title mean the boundaries of ADHD? It does not.

Does it mean the extent to which it affects humanity? Again, no.

Though both of those are great topics, to be sure, they aren't what's on my mind this morning.
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Podcasting The Dark Side

I had a dark side ...

No, sorry, this has nothing to do with StarWars™, this is about the dark side of my life.

And no, it isn't about my current life. Currently, I'm doing really well.

This is about what my life was like before.

This is about being a younger me, with no knowledge of ADHD, and no executive function that was comparable to the executive functions enjoyed by my peers. And the podcast...
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Me And ADHD, Inseparable.

Separate this!

On Monday I talked about feeling guilty about my ADHD, and then I talked about how much I've progressed, and how much of the guilt has been set aside.

It's still there, but I've realized that I don't need to carry it with me. But as I thought about my ADHD, I thought I ought to find out how it impacted those around me, specifically in my household...
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Seeking Support for ADHD

Formal or informal?

ADHD support is pretty important, if you have ADHD. Even if you don't know you have ADHD, that support is important.

I'm talking about the kind of support I received as a child and youth, and even on into my teens and adult life, from my family. I didn't know I had ADHD, they didn't either, in fact, we had no idea what ADHD was, weren't even aware that such...
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ADHD and Can’t Make Coffee

How long has that been sitting there?

Ha. That's just not true. Of course I can make coffee. I make great coffee.

And my coffee goes great with donuts that I get from the grocery store in the next little town up the coast from here.

Or, I could bake some banana bread. I make great banana bread. I also make a really good lemon - poppy seed loaf. And there's a few other things...
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ADHD Porridge Brain

This is my brain on ADHD ...

There are two things that impact on my brain at the same time. Two opposing forces, if you will.

One of them is the driving urge to be doing something all the time. I love being busy.

And that is not a bad thing. Being busy is good. I get lots done.

But the other thing that impacts on my brain is this, I hate being ...
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Dreams Of ADHD And Fortune

If I can manage it ...

You know, before I knew I had ADHD, I had big dreams. I used to think that someday I'd be rich and famous. Or maybe just rich. Or ... maybe just famous???

Well, famous turns out to be easier to do. But it still isn't easy.

One trick is to limit the scope of your fame. The smaller the town you live in, the easier it is...
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My Future’s So Bright

The bright side ...

I learned, a long time ago, that nothing is ever so bad that it can't get better.

I also learned a long time ago that when things get better, the surest way to waste that is to start counting on them getting bad again.

And lastly, I learned at some point in my life that no life situation is completely without a positive aspect ... it's just sometimes really heard to...
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