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Fake News

This really burns me up ...

I really thought we'd put this one to bed. But it seems that we've only just begun.

There's a book out called Selling Sickness, that claims, among other things, that ADHD is a "man created disease."

I love when people talk like they know things, but even the words they choose reveal their ignorance.
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Just Calm Down

Help end Delusions Of Normalcy

So, the old "lessons" people used to try to teach us ... are still around.

"Just focus." "You can do this, it's just a form to fill out. Look, everyone else has theirs done." "Take it easy." "Just calm down."

I personally love when those lessons occur. In fact, I like to use them as learning moments, opportunities to make things better in my life.
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Hey Doc … You’ve got ADHD?

Healing art

So, people with ADHD are everywhere. And they are doing everything.

And the deal is, if you have ADHD, and you've figured out your coping mechanisms, and you can handle the job you're doing, then you go!

I've written about being fairly sure I shouldn't drive a bus. Especially not a school bus. I'm not suggesting the added responsibility of children would be a bad thing, but hey need to be certain places...
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Do Over!

Uh ... no!

Every September I start feeling regret.

I had watched so many people going through school so smoothly, so easily, and I kept falling behind.

I knew I wasn't stupid. I could grasp ideas and concepts quicker than most others in my classes. But I could not keep my attention on lessons where the same thing was repeated long after I'd gotten it.

Then I'd miss the next part, because by...
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Wander Man!

Not your average super hero ...

Hello people of earth. That's right, it's me, Man of DistrAction!

That's my super hero name. I get away with a lot because of that. People who know me don't expect me to always be focused on the right thing, but they know that when I am, I'll do a good job of whatever I'm doing ...

... until I get distracted and they have...
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12 Things That Don’t Cause ADHD, Part 2

The next four ...!

So on Monday we discussed the first four things on a list in an article that claimed to be itemizing the causes of ADHD.

The list was actually titled "12 things Moms Do That Cause ADHD."

I will not dignify the article with a link because it is misnamed. The correct title for this list should be "Pish-tosh Poppycock That Will Generate Hits For Advertisers."

The first four...
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12 Things That Don’t Cause ADHD, Part 1


I was sent a link to an article this morning that had the dubious title, "12 Things Moms Do That Cause ADHD In Their Kids" and I wandered over to the site to see what those things possibly could be.

Now understand that I was expecting the worst. The title is sensational, and I assumed it was click-bait. I wasn't wrong.

In fact, the reason I don't share a link to it here is...
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Take The Day Off

My day off ...

So it's Wednesday, and the week is only half over.

And it's true that I work at so many different jobs that it's impossible for me to take an entire day off.

And worse still, I work seven days a week, though it's true that I only do a couple of things on the weekend, unless something comes up in one of my weekday jobs that needs my attention.

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Speaking My Language


I don't know what causes it, but there are times when you just don't speak my language.

The oddest thing is that I recognize the words you're saying. I can even accept without doubt that they go together.

But what do they mean? I don't know.

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