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Video Games Cause ADHD

Keep your eye on the prize

Did I get your attention?

Good. Now that I have it ... "Don't Be So Foolish!"

Saying video games cause ADHD is like saying blindness causes macular degeneration.

No, I'm not suggesting that ADHD causes video games, let's not be foolish. There's a connection, but it isn't a cause and effect type of thing.
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Fake News

This really burns me up ...

I really thought we'd put this one to bed. But it seems that we've only just begun.

There's a book out called Selling Sickness, that claims, among other things, that ADHD is a "man created disease."

I love when people talk like they know things, but even the words they choose reveal their ignorance.
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This Is It!

You've been warned ...

Seriously. This is it. I'm done!

I'm done with ADHD, I've had enough. I'm done with people assuming I can't focus on things. That's crazy. Not the inability to focus, them thinking I can't, they're the crazy ones.

It's true that I have trouble controlling my focus, but I can focus. Stop saying I can't.
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Just Calm Down

Help end Delusions Of Normalcy

So, the old "lessons" people used to try to teach us ... are still around.

"Just focus." "You can do this, it's just a form to fill out. Look, everyone else has theirs done." "Take it easy." "Just calm down."

I personally love when those lessons occur. In fact, I like to use them as learning moments, opportunities to make things better in my life.
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12 Things That Don’t Cause ADHD, Part 2

The next four ...!

So on Monday we discussed the first four things on a list in an article that claimed to be itemizing the causes of ADHD.

The list was actually titled "12 things Moms Do That Cause ADHD."

I will not dignify the article with a link because it is misnamed. The correct title for this list should be "Pish-tosh Poppycock That Will Generate Hits For Advertisers."

The first four...
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12 Things That Don’t Cause ADHD, Part 1


I was sent a link to an article this morning that had the dubious title, "12 Things Moms Do That Cause ADHD In Their Kids" and I wandered over to the site to see what those things possibly could be.

Now understand that I was expecting the worst. The title is sensational, and I assumed it was click-bait. I wasn't wrong.

In fact, the reason I don't share a link to it here is...
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Take Away Distraction

Wait, what?

Distraction is my worst enemy. If you have ADHD, it's likely yours as well.

In fact, calling this thing "Attention Deficit" is kind of a joke. I pay attention, I pay lots of attention ... I just usually pay it to the distractions.

So instead of calling it Attention Deficit, it should be Distraction Abundance. It should be DAHD.
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I Am Not!

I am ... not!

I have ADHD. I am often not able to focus on things just because they need to be done.

I have to set controls in place in order to maintain focus. Like setting a timer for ten minutes, and when it goes off, remembering to check to see if I'm still doing what i was supposed to be doing ... and remembering to start the timer again.

I also have trouble...
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