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I Am Not!

I am ... not!

I have ADHD. I am often not able to focus on things just because they need to be done.

I have to set controls in place in order to maintain focus. Like setting a timer for ten minutes, and when it goes off, remembering to check to see if I'm still doing what i was supposed to be doing ... and remembering to start the timer again.

I also have trouble...
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Too Smart

... to believe

Have you heard it yet? Have you had someone tell you that they know you don't have ADHD because you're too smart?

Have you had someone tell you that their child was offered a diagnosis of ADHD but they refused to accept that because they knew it wasn't true. And they based their declaration on their knowledge of their child's intelligence. They declared their child too smart to smart to...
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What Do You Know About ADHD?

What? ... Who?

What do you know about ADHD that you didn't know before? What do you think you know about it? What can I tell you about it that you might want to know first hand from someone with this disorder?

Let's start with this one fact: YES, DAMMIT!, IT EXISTS.

Sorry, didn't mean to shout. Well, actually, I did mean to shout. I'm really just sorry that I feel I have to.

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ADHD Impact

When ADHD hits ...

If you are born with red hair, and if you never dye your hair and never lose it, you have red hair for your entire life.

If you are born with the genetic disorder we call ADHD, you have no idea at first that you have it. Nor does anyone else.

As you grow and develop, some things that should change don't change the way they should, parts of your brain...
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Motivate Me

Rather moving ...

In doing a bit of research on ADHD recently, I came across the phrase "Motivational Deficit." And I didn't like it much.

In fact, like the concept of "Attention Deficit," I think that motivational deficit is a misnomer for something that is not easily explained and certainly not labeled as easily as this.

As you know if you follow this blog, the idea that someone with ADHD has a deficit of attention...
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The Easy Part Of ADHD

This shouldn't be that hard ...

I keep trying to figure out how to deal with my ADHD.

I'm not looking for easy answers, if I were, I'd be accepting the latest fade crap that the shysters and hucksters keep putting out there.

You know, that ADHD doesn't exist (that would make it easy, eh?), or that it's my diet that causes it, garbage like that.

But I'm not accepting that, there are already plenty...
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Waffling At Breakfast Time

What's for breakfast?

I'm a bit scattered this morning. I seem to be losing time. I look at the clock and think, "Gotta get up." or "Time to make breakfast." or "Time to write, right now."

Then I glance at the clock a few seconds later and ten minutes have gone by. What the helz???

So I'm trying to figure out what's causing this today, because nothing saves time like thinking about something other...
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Out Of ADHD Prison

Finding way out ...

On Friday we talked about how to get yourself into prison, especially if you have ADHD.

If it's something you aspire to, then your impulsivity and lack of executive function can be great tools to help you achieve this goal.

If prison is something you would rather avoid, then it's best to discover how to manage impulsive behaviour and compensate for a lack of in advance of becoming responsible for...
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Two Groups

There are three groups of people in this world

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who divide the worlds population into groups, and those who don't.

Obviously, I am in the first group.

There are many other criteria for dividing up the population, gender, skin pigment, political leanings, and so on.

And without exception, the divisions should only be applied for the sake of statistical analysis. Never for application...
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Cure ADHD? That’s Brilliant!

Rather rank

There are those who postulate that people with ADHD are just not trying hard enough, that we're lazy.

There are those who suggest that we aren't very bright, that we're stupid.

I've recently read memes that offer the solution of corporal punishment to “cure” ADHD in children.

I suppose the idea is that if the inattentiveness can be beaten out of them they'll just be stupid and that will be acceptable. After...
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