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Mind Scattered

Hmmm ... Clean it? Rebuild it? Fold the laundry and think about it?

It's one of those days. One of those glorious days when everything seems like it should be going great. Just right. Perfect!

It seems like that. But it isn't.

I've got a bag full of things I need to get done. I know what they are.

And I've got energy to spare. I have ADHD after all, I have ADHD with the "H"...
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A Structured Life

Not routine ...

Last night I was out with some acquaintances and the topic of holidays came up. One person at the table said that when they were on holidays, they hardly got started when they'd commence wishing they were done and returned to work.

The rest of the conversation seemed to indicate that they needed the structure of their job in order to feel comfortable.

I get that.

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ADHD Discussion

Something To Say …

Conversationally exuberant

I seem never to be at a loss for something to say. Have you noticed that about me? Have you maybe noted that about yourself?

And sometimes, I believe, it's a lack of meta-cognition. I suspect that I'm really chatty, but maybe others talk as much as I do. Maybe everyone does.

But I think perhaps the first hypothesis is the truer one. I talk. A lot.
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Motivate Me

Rather moving ...

In doing a bit of research on ADHD recently, I came across the phrase "Motivational Deficit." And I didn't like it much.

In fact, like the concept of "Attention Deficit," I think that motivational deficit is a misnomer for something that is not easily explained and certainly not labeled as easily as this.

As you know if you follow this blog, the idea that someone with ADHD has a deficit of attention...
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The Easy Part Of ADHD

This shouldn't be that hard ...

I keep trying to figure out how to deal with my ADHD.

I'm not looking for easy answers, if I were, I'd be accepting the latest fade crap that the shysters and hucksters keep putting out there.

You know, that ADHD doesn't exist (that would make it easy, eh?), or that it's my diet that causes it, garbage like that.

But I'm not accepting that, there are already plenty...
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Waffling At Breakfast Time

What's for breakfast?

I'm a bit scattered this morning. I seem to be losing time. I look at the clock and think, "Gotta get up." or "Time to make breakfast." or "Time to write, right now."

Then I glance at the clock a few seconds later and ten minutes have gone by. What the helz???

So I'm trying to figure out what's causing this today, because nothing saves time like thinking about something other...
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Context Is King

Put a pool in front of you ...

Here's one of the big things that helps hide ADHD from diagnosis, context.

You'll sometimes hear logic used to defend against the diagnosis of ADHD that sounds like, "He can't have ADHD, he can sit in front of the TV for hours." or "She's too smart to have ADHD, when she's doing something she likes we can't tear her away from it and she's so good...
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A sticky situation

Yep, that's an old plate all right ...

In Ontario, Canada, we get license plates to put on our vehicles. The plate represents the relationship between the vehicle and its owner. A new vehicle or a new owner require a new set of plates.

But to maintain accurate records, the plates/owner registration must be renewed every year. Rather than issuing new plates, (like they did as late as in the 1970's, they now...
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ADHD Oblivion

Into oblivion ...

There is a state of mind, or perhaps a partial state of mind, that I sometimes, or possibly always am in, that keeps me unaware of many things around me.

I am oblivious to things.

Not all things, and not just important ones.

But when I become aware of the things that I've been missing, I am usually stunned, sometimes hurt, often upset.
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