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Mind Scattered

Hmmm ... Clean it? Rebuild it? Fold the laundry and think about it?

It's one of those days. One of those glorious days when everything seems like it should be going great. Just right. Perfect!

It seems like that. But it isn't.

I've got a bag full of things I need to get done. I know what they are.

And I've got energy to spare. I have ADHD after all, I have ADHD with the "H"...
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The Easy Part Of ADHD

This shouldn't be that hard ...

I keep trying to figure out how to deal with my ADHD.

I'm not looking for easy answers, if I were, I'd be accepting the latest fade crap that the shysters and hucksters keep putting out there.

You know, that ADHD doesn't exist (that would make it easy, eh?), or that it's my diet that causes it, garbage like that.

But I'm not accepting that, there are already plenty...
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ADHD And Dim Sum

A bit of many things ...

Yesterday I had dim sum. It was amazing. And it was exactly what I wanted at the time, or any time.

I let the people I was with do all the ordering, and food just started to arrive and kept on coming. It was an adventure for me and lately I've been into adventures.

But more than that, I didn't have to make up my mind about...
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ADHD Oblivion

Into oblivion ...

There is a state of mind, or perhaps a partial state of mind, that I sometimes, or possibly always am in, that keeps me unaware of many things around me.

I am oblivious to things.

Not all things, and not just important ones.

But when I become aware of the things that I've been missing, I am usually stunned, sometimes hurt, often upset.
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The Real Gift Of ADHD

Here's your present ...

So, some idiot is spouting off about how he doesn't believe in ADHD. Sadly, he is a psychologist who is either misled or misquoted.

And of course the hundreds of thousands of other mental health professionals who disagree with him will not be quoted because that isn't attention grabbing enough to be published.

And the worst of this for people with ADHD is that they are put in a position...
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And Speaking Of Pondering

In the swim of things ...

Yesterday I suggested that the lesson I learned from moving out of my home of thirty-one plus years in just five weeks was to take time to ponder decisions. Although I did concede that I did not, closer to the end, have that luxury.

See, us folks with ADHD kind of have this thing where we just do what comes to mind. We...
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Down To The Wire

Hiding out in plain sight ...

It is done.

At least my part is done. I've moved everything out. Locked the door for the last time. Signed the papers. Today is the closing day of the I am in a café, hiding out, out of town.

I'm guessing that if you're a regular reader you are as happy about this as I am. For me it means moving on to new adventures. For you...
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ADHD On The Move

A moving time of year ...

Yes. I'm moving. I know I've mentioned it, so don't be pretending like I haven't told you.

And while I'm moving I have some other things to do. I have three music gigs in front of me. There's the holiday celebrations, including parties. I'm still curling. I may or may not have promised baking to some people.

Of course I'm going to blow it somewhere along the way. I'm...
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A Note From The Past


Last Wednesday I talked about the importance of making notes. I mentioned how just the act of writing something down would often help me remember things.

Then on Friday I told about how my constant companion, my note pad, went through all but the ringer on laundry day. Lather, rinse, repeat!

And yes, I was thankful that the act of writing things down is more important than the keeping of the notes.

And I also...
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Schrödinger’s Notes

Famous note pad?

Well, I've done it. I've really lodged myself in to a predicament now.

Those of you who are following along may, at this point, be wondering what I'm talking about. You may be saying to yourself, "Is he referring to having promised holiday content and not delivered?"

Or you might be saying, "Oh, oh, has something gone wrong with the sale of the house? Like, maybe it's going ahead and he's realizing...
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