Passion Speaks Through ADHD

... yes, I am!

I often feel like I'm easily distracted.

I know, no big surprise, right?

But the thing is that in the heat of the moment of distraction I don't feel like I'm unjustified in being distracted.

In that moment when my focus switches so easily from one thing to another one with seemingly no valid connection between the two, I am perfectly justified in doing just that.

You see, the thing that makes it...

Adult ADHD

Paradocks, The Cottage

The one and only ...

We bought a cottage.

I'm not bragging. Okay, yeah, I'm bragging a little bit. But I'm also really just wanting to share my good news.

We bought the place exactly one year and two weeks ago. It wasn't cheap, but we had two houses and we sold one of them and after the mortgage on that house was paid off we put much of the remainder towards the cottage  and...


If I Had One Wish

Three wishes ...

You know that game when you were a kid? The one where you get three wishes and you say, "My first wish would be for infinite wishes!"

Or maybe you say, "My third wish would be for three more wishes."

And then some party pooper says, "Three wishes and you can't wish for more wishes, so don't."
Spoil sport!
But that's okay. I think I have this narrowed down.

If I had three wishes, my...


5 Things To Tell Others About ADHD

I've had some experience with this.

My ADHD is the type that makes me talk. A lot.

And typical conversations don't last long before I'm reminded of my ADHD by something someone (likely me) says.

When ADHD comes up, one of two things happens.
And they are?
Well, usually I start talking about ADHD, and no one can get a word in even if it's folded up, put in an envelope, and slid under the door.

But occasionally the other thing happens,...


Can’t Tear Myself Away

... just don't ask questions ...

I'd like to believe that I'm able to focus on things that are important when I am aware of them.

Like work. I'm supposed to be writing this blog post right now. But my mind is actually on Facebook.

Well, nothing quite so shallow as cat memes and like mining posts, there's an election going on here in my hood.

And, truth be told, there was a provincial election (think...


Deal With It

This should help ...

On several occasions I've been asked how people should deal with loved ones who have ADHD.

My knee jerk reaction is to ask how we're supposed to deal with people who don't.

But I've grown to realize that knee jerk reactions are never a good go to plan. So even though I'm a spontaneous and impetuous kind of guy (I wonder where that comes from?) I...


Find Your Way

You are where?

In life, everyone has to find their way.

For some reason many people seem to get reassurances that they are on the right path, while some others not only don't get those reassurances, they also get mixed impressions about what their paths might or should be.

And I'd be lying if I didn't say that I'm in that second group.
There are two kinds of people
One of my favorite...


Stress Is Stressing Me

... but not too much, 'kay?

There is a very bad side to stress.

We all need some, but we have a hard time controlling it.

And if you have ADHD, there's an additional aspect to this problem ...
Such as?
Well, stress, as stated, is needed for life to be good. We need it because it drives us to do the things that make life work. We need to stress about things to make us...

Adult ADHD

Having ADHD Means …

What is he thinking?

I just hissed at a squirrel. No, having ADHD does not mean we hiss at squirrels. Well, maybe it sort of does.

I'm supposed to be writing. Writing this post, in fact. And as I sit at my keyboard deciding which thing to tell you about today, a squirrel happens to approach my front flower bed with a peanut in it's mouth.

Now, squirrels annoy the dickens out of...


Talk To Me

Well, there might be. Check below ...

When I first started this blog, comments were added to the bottom of each blog post.

It engendered interaction, it was fun to communicate with readers and even sometimes argue about the different interpretations of our shared disorder.

But at some point wordpress, or our template, moved comments to a second page and the opinions of readers ended up not being as big a part of the...

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