How’s Your DNA Doing?


On Friday last, I told you I met one of my heroes, Rick Green.

I told you we discussed the things that two people with ADHD discuss when they meet, which is to say we recapped some of the funny aspects of being people with ADHD.

And I told you I was at this conference because my partner is an Optometrist.

But I didn't tell you what Rick was doing there.
Rick has...


Say Something Slanderous

So I met this guy ...

I did it. I met one of my heroes.

I went to a conference on a topic I know only the vaguest of things about, and I snuck in to hear the keynote speaker.

I know. It sounds bad. But aren't we known for spontaneous behavior?

Besides, the conference was one my partner was attending, it was an optometry conference, she's an optometrist.
I see ...
And, if I'm being honest,...


The Key To The Situation

That's not junk in the trunk

There is a situation that happens to us. A generic situation that makes our lives the horror show we sometimes feel they are.

And I can sum it up by describing how my morning might have gone, how it went, and why even though it turned out okay I still felt anxiety and panic.

The situation involved the keys to the car, the only set of...


You Will Medicate

It's time for your medication. Mr. Babcock

I'm not pro meds. And I'm not anti meds.

I'm pro me. And I'm pro you.

But I have learned a lot in my years of living with ADHD, both with the knowledge of this disorder being part of my life, and without it.

And I can tell you this one simple truth without any duplicity.
You Will Medicate!
You may get a diagnosis and accept a script from your mental...


The Lights Are On, But …

But who's at home?

Last night I left the house to pick up my partner from her work for a dinner date.

As I walked out the door, I suddenly thought, "I'm just going to turn on the outdoor light. It's going to be dark when we get home and this way we'll be able to see to unlock the door."

Pleased. That's the word. I was pleased with myself. I don't think that...


Lame Puns And Hidden Gems

I'm not joking here ...

People with ADHD have got something going on when it comes to their sense of humor.

But like many aspects of ADHD, our humor is like a shotgun.

When we pull the trigger, some of the shot is gonna miss the mark. And since we're easily distracted, sometimes all the shot is going to miss the target.

We likely shouldn't be trusted with guns, shouldn't be hunting at all.
But ...
We're not....


Facing Up To The Reality

It's hard to explain what's going on sometimes

I just read a post online about how some of us (maybe all of us) have conversations in our heads that get really dramatic.

And then someone will notice that we're making facial expressions.

And they are big and bold.

Well, that's part of my life.
"What? Nothing!"
And it's hard to explain. Sometimes the conversations are horribly personal and the last person you want to share them...


Never Stop

Go 'til ya stop!

I go.

I go and I do not stop.

And I know why.

I, have ADHD.

I know that doesn't explain it, that's the reason but not the description of the mechanics of it.
Firstly ...
I have to note that i have combined type ADHD, Inattentive/Hyperactive. And it's that H chromosome, the Hyperactive part that makes me go and go and go.

And the inattentive part doesn't help. That may require some explaining though.
Some explaining


I Had One Thing To Do

Empty achievement ...

Yesterday I had one thing to do. I was supposed to make porridge.

Porridge for a week is how this works, I make a huge pot and we keep it in the fridge and heat up what we need.

I had one important thing to do.

I had a few other little things I needed to get done as well. I swear they were nothing.

Like this, I had to write...


Why I Didn’t Win The Election

For goodness sake!

We just had an election in Canada. It is so fresh you can still feel the heat coming off the oven it was baked in. You can smell it in the air as you walk in the front door of our country.

And the results were very favorable as far as I'm concerned.

I, was not elected.

Oh believe me, I did my share of kissing babies and shaking hands. And...