Here’s An ADHD Question

“It is a chronic, life long condition, and it’s about time that we started treating it as such. You know, people with ADHD are more susceptible to problematic drug use and more likely to take their own lives,


The Best Of ADHD

“I like having it a lot; it is who I am.” ~ Richard Bacon, Television and Radio host, talking about his ADHD.

There are days when I am happy.


I Am The King

I’m wondering if I should change my name from Man Of DistrAction to King Of ProcrastiNation.

Both are seriously on point. Both are clever.

Both names would be perfect for a blog.


ADHD? I Know

I know you’re having trouble. It comes with the territory.

I know that you put the kettle on the stove and that’s when your mind reminds you that you need to shower,


A Little Put Off

I put things off sometimes. They call that procrastination. And by “sometimes” I mean all the time.

Obviously I don’t procrastinate on everything. I’m kind of lucky in that I love to write.


So, There’s A Pandemic

So, I’m hearing from some of my acquaintances that they’re having trouble concentrating.

And some of them are neuro-typicals. And I’m wondering how I should react to that.