ADHD Gender Bias Lives On

There has been controversy around the diagnosis of ADHD since the seventies.

And there should be that controversy until some issues are dealt with.

One issue that comes to mind is the fact that fewer women are diagnosed than men.


Welcome To Kelly’s Island

Do you remember Gilligan’s Island? That was a fun show, eh?

I was always amazed that they had a man there who could pretty much make an xray machine in a coconut but he couldn’t patch a six inch hole in a wooden boat that looked to me to be above the water line.


Feeling Nothing?

I’ve been reading posts on social media over the last couple of weeks, and people seem to be unsure and unsteady. This COVID-19 thing has gotten them into a space where they are having trouble figuring out what to do.


We Shall Lead Them

You know what? I think it may be time.

I think it’s time that we stepped up and did the right thing.

I think it’s time that we took over the world.



The jury is out deliberating on what COVID-19 means to the ADHD community. Well, okay, there’s no jury that I know of, but what I’m hearing in our community is very little.


Always Doing Happy Deeds

ADHD is the single most recognized moniker for our disorder, but the words don’t really represent any one single person with this disorder.

For one thing, we none of us have a deficit of attention,