ADHD Snowed

I live in Canada. It’s late February. There’s snow.

Really a lot of snow.

We’re having a blizzard today.

And that means things are closed,


Pounce And Procrastinate

Yesterday we talked about procrastination. But we didn’t talk about hyper-focus or impulsivity.

And it’s true that we have that too.

So, there are times when we put things off because,


Right Brained

bandaged wrist“Wow,” I said, “I never realized how right handed the world is.” as I tried to open a zippered bag that was obviously intended to be opened by a right handed person.


From My Perspective …

ADHD is an invisible disorder. Or is it?

ADHD is a psychological disorder that affects an individual’s ability to perform or complete day to day tasks.

But there are two reasons why this means that ADHD is not obvious to others around us,


No Really, I’m Here

Yesterday I was watching Netflix for a bit. I like that I can turn it off and pick up where I left off later, I don’t like that I have trouble actually walking away from it because it will keep showing me episode after episode,


Getting Self Help With ADHD

I’ve had ADHD all my life, I guess. Though, of course, when I was younger it would have been harder to detect, since both childhood and ADHD are afflictions denoted by being not completely developed yet.


Coasting With ADHD

Sometimes everything seems fine.

Sometimes it seems like I’ve got this life figured out, and there’s nothing on the road up ahead that should cause me any worry.