The problem of focus I have outlined often.

I’ve explained how it manifests in me, and how I’ve been able to deal with it sometimes and be taken down and beaten by it at other times.


Too Many Irons

Some day I’m going to do an episode of my radio show on word association.

The problem is that my radio show is about music, not writing or ADHD or any of the other things I do.


In This World

In this world there are rules.

Some of them are unwritten, assumed to be known and understood.

Some of them are written, and also assumed to be known and understood.


ADHD, A Ready Made Market

Those of us with ADHD know much of what we all have in common.

Attention control, not so good. Distraction levels, off the chart. Poor working memory, or something like that if I recall correctly.


I Have Secrets

I totally have secrets. Things that no one knows about me.

For one thing, I never shut up. Well, I do, but I don’t. I’m always talking, often to myself,