Embrace Life

This is the last post of November for this year. The next post will be the first December post.

Some years that just slips right past on me and I don’t notice it happening.


Consistently Confused

If you’ve read this blog much then you know I’m all about trying to figure out the dichotomies of ADHD.

This disorder seems to be awash with paradoxical issues that make some of the smartest people shake their heads in wonder.


Time Blindness

The ADHD Scramble is a thing. Trust me.

And we all do it. Even those of us who have Inattentive Type ADHD.

There comes a time when we have things to do and no time left and our minds and out lives become a donnybrook of activity.


I’m A Wanderer

I have places to be, places to get to, and things that need doing that require my attention.

And I am fast at doing things. Like lightning fast,


Moving Forward

Remember when you were a student in school and you were required to write something, an essay or a speech or something of that nature?

Remember how the assignment description would often contain a minimum number of words?


My Father’s Belt

I’ve been seeing a meme out there lately that suggests that ADHD is a behavioral problem.

And not only that, it suggests that ADHD can be remediated by abusive parenting methods.