Sleep Study

You know about sleep walking, some of you do it, right? My brother used to. It was fun to watch, especially since he had to pass by the head of the stairs to get to …


Things You Think Will Help

This blog is written to help people who have ADHD and to help those who want to understand more about ADHD.

But today I’m going to list off some things that don’t help those of us with this insidious disorder,


Me And Schedules

It’s Friday.

Normally on Friday I’m posting my third and final post of the week.

But this week has been a little off the tracks.

Last week I went to the emergency room for some issues I was having and a whole lot of change ensued.


Me And Drugs

I don’t like the word “drug.” It’s too broad a definition and at the same time too narrow a perceived grouping.

Substance is a much better word. Any substance that has a positive,


Me And Sleep

This is not how it’s supposed to work.

Yesterday I went through my day after having slept only two hours the night before.

Today I’m running on about eight to nine hours of sleep.


The Good and The Bad

My mind wanders … a lot!

And the other day I was thinking about some things I really dislike.

And I got thinking that the world is at least half full of things that displease me.