Even Easy Isn’t Easy

On Wednesday I wrote about a scenario where we get ourselves into trouble by taking on jobs that seem like they are doable with our personal skill sets, not ADHD skill sets but your individual skill sets,


It’s Not Easy

ADHD ≠ Easy

No one ever said it was easy to live with ADHD.

Well, there are people who claim that it doesn’t exist, but they’re just one more part of having ADHD that makes it difficult.


Broken Jar

So listen, yesterday I made stew.

I’m pretty sure that it was great. I never got to eat any.

I’d ask how it was, but no one else got to eat it either.


Fact Checking Fun

Yesterday I posted something on Facebook.

It was two facts and then my opinion on those two related facts.

I told anyone who wanted to read my post that there were two things that were significant that occurred some years ago and that I felt things started to go wrong there.


Ain’t Nothing Gonna Break My Stride

Have you heard that song? It was a big hit in the mid eighties for Matthew Wilder, and it spoke to me back then, but more so because it reminded me of my late wife’s office assistant at the time than because it had anything to do with me.


ADHD Is A Festival

I’ve just finished helping tear down the annual festival I volunteer at. And last week I helped put it together. Counting the two and a half days of the festival itself,


On With The Show

It’s that time of the year again. It’s the third weekend in August, and that’s when my life gets a lot weird.

The big deal is that I’m involved in a folk festival called Summerfolk in my little city of Owen Sound,


Some Unwritten ADHD Laws

There are some things about ADHD that seem to be true.

Or at least, they seem to be the norm for this abnormal way we are.

Some of them also carry in them the caveat that stabilizes them.