Funny stuff

There are so many problems that come with having ADHD.

And quite frankly, there are damned few benefits.

There are, it is true, ways of looking at this disorder that allow us to maximize our differences and those maximizations do benefit us,


Empathy Is Hard on Me

In so many of today’s discussions on mental health, empathy comes up repeatedly as what is needed in this world to make a place of comfort for those with mental health issues.


Same As It Ever Was

Life with ADHD is not an unusual experience.

When I tell people about the way my life is and they say, “That must be difficult.” I’m never sure how to respond to that.


What Is Important?

Having ADHD means I spend my life trying to figure out what is important.

No, I know the mortgage has to be paid. I know an education is a great help.


The Worst Part Of ADHD

ADHD is an insidious collection of symptoms that, added up are then subtracted from the sum of the quality of our lives.

Our ease of forgetfulness, our penchant for distraction,