The Best And The Worst

There was a time when I recommended to people with ADHD that they consider the structure of the armed forces as a possible career that would benefit them.

The way our brains work benefits greatly from that structure in so many ways.


Hold Everything!

Stop. Don’t do another thing until I tell you this.

If you have ADHD you need to know something.

You’re liable to get distracted. And you’re liable to be annoyed by that.


It’s On My List

There are a lot of things that most people with ADHD have in common. Being easily distracted is on that list. Misplacing things is there as well.

Speaking out of turn is another item.


AM or FM

Radio waves are broadcast in two different ways, FM, frequency modulation, or AM, amplitude modulation.

I won’t bother to explain the difference between the two, if at one time I had even a tenuous grasp of what this meant,



I’ve been putting this off for too long. (Yeah, you see what I did there.)

Procrastination is fear elevated to an art form, but it isn’t fear every time.


The Time Factor

It is a given that those of us with ADHD have what are referred to in a non technical way as “poor time management skills.”

There is no technical term for this,


Carrot Cultivars

I’m pretty sure that neuro-typicals motivate themselves to get things done by just thinking how great it will be to be done.

Yesterday we talked about how dangling a carrot in front of someone with ADHD is not going to make them work better or smarter or even …