Dis-Stressed ADHD

Have you been left at the alter? Have you been dumped when you thought things were going well?

Have you lost a loved one? Family member that was close?


This Is ADHD Lazy

I’ve got this thing about eggs. I like them. I like them a lot.

Growing up on a farm may have had something to do with that. It was what used to be called a mixed farm,


I Need To Do Something

A doctor friend of mine mentioned recently that the thing he remembers most about the DSM definition of ADHD is the part that states the person with this disorder may run around in a hyper active state as if “driven by a motor.”


Forget What I Said Before

What did I tell you? Well forget it.

Wait, don’t forget all of it. Be selective. Lots of things I told you are still valid.

But here’s something I’ve mentioned before that I’ve changed my mind on.


Thanks A Lot ADHD

Recently I’ve been learning more and more about ADHD.

Did you know that Dr. Russel Barkley is saying it isn’t an attention deficit disorder?

Quel supprise!


Then I Opened My Mouth …

Sometimes I say the wrong thing.

Admittedly, I’ve gotten good at deleting what I’ve typed in on social media platforms like Facebook.Sometimes I even delete them before I publish them.


A Different Way Of Thinking?

ADHD is a disorder, according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual.

But what, exactly, is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual?

“Well,” you might say, “It’s the reference work that defines all the disorders and mental health issues currently known.”


Static And Distraction

You know as well as I do that sometimes we engage in things that we should be setting aside because there are more important things to do.

Remember as a child being unable to unplug from the TV or a game or even a book when we should have been getting ready for school or doing our chores or whatever?