How’s Your Health?

I’ve never seen statistics on our health. I’ve never been privy to mortality charts on persons with ADHD. I’m not even sure that any exist.

I imagine that they do,


Not My Choice

There’s a lot of trouble out there in this big old world, trouble surrounding ADHD.

And the bulk of that trouble seems to center on people who have declared that they know that ADHD isn’t real.


Replay And Rehearse

There are two things I do almost constantly, and those things are not rest and relaxation.

They are also not that much fun for me.

Rehearse is what I do when I’m facing a confrontation or potential confrontation that I’m nervous about.


Hurry, Hard!

Do you curl? Not likely. The number of people who curl make up a minuscule percentage of the population.

Let me describe it to you. You take turns throwing rocks down a sheet of ice and try to outscore the other team.


Opportunity Lost

Last June, the Mars Rover, Opportunity, sent its last message home.

My battery is low and it is getting dark” … and was never heard from again.


Looking At Now

I’ve discovered the secret to a happy life. It’s all about perspective.

I’ve wasted so much time looking forward at what I think I need to do.

And I’ve spent way too much time looking back on past mistakes and situations where I was trying to deal with a known world and couldn’t figure out that the greatest unknown was me.


Another Snow Day

Today, here in Canada, in my neck of the woods, it’s a snow day.

And significantly, it’s the 13th snow day of the school year, which is apparently a record.


Pants? Check!

Life is unpredictable. And so are we.

Doesn’t that seem like a perfect match?


If you’re here, you likely have ADHD, or you care about someone who does.