This Old World

This old world has been turning for a long time.

And we have been here only for a moment of that time.

And it is hard to imagine things changing in our time,


ADHD Ninja

I know a guy who can pass for someone with ADHD. And he knows he can do that too.

Does this mean he’s too self aware to actually be a person with ADHD?


We Are Not A Few

In the U.S.A. there are 6.1 million children between the ages of two and seventeen who have been diagnosed with ADHD.

At the wonderful age of eighteen, no one is suddenly cured,


Index Tabs

If I could have three wishes and I couldn’t wish for more wishes and I also couldn’t wish for money, I think I’d wish for index tabs first.

Not the kind that go on file folders,


Using Some Discretion

The word discretion means several things. It means to have the freedom to act, as in “at your own discretion.”

It also means acting with decorum, choosing actions that are socially acceptable,


Required Negative Impact Of ADHD

There are criteria for diagnosis of ADHD.

And they keep changing.

Why? I don’t know specifics, but mostly because we keep learning things.

But there may be some influences on the changing criteria that one could only call political.


Can’t Slow Down

Have you ever been going too fast on a road and missed your turn because it surprised you?

I get into a groove sometimes when I’m driving. You’d be surprised how often I miss the driveway to our own cottage.


Am I A Space Cadet?

Sometimes we refer to ourselves as space cadets.

It’s a reference to the foolish things that can occur in our lives because of our intermittent inability to focus.