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What Kind Of Cookie Are You

cookie with googly eyes
I’m probably unique …

I’m sorry about that title, it’s a tad misleading.

I’m going to talk about cookies, and I’m going to talk about people, but there will be no testing your social media page to determine through some random algorithm whether you’re sprinkles, nuts, or chocolate chips.

Though, if I had to guess, if you’re reading this blog you’re likely sprinkles … or maybe all three?

But on to the batter of the matter

You may have heard me say that we are no two alike, yes?

The reason for that is at once simple, and very complex.

The complex is …

No two people are exactly alike, we each develop in our own way along our own line.

First the genetic dice are rolled and you get a starting point on the game board of life.

Then, chance and circumstance weigh in on how things progress as you go from being a blastocyst to a fully articulating human entity.


Somewhere in there, the genetic predisposition to develop differently makes itself known in your personal journey and discrepancies arise in the pathway that modify your development and leave you with underdeveloped systems that manifest themselves as the cause of ADHD symptoms.

Consider now that, since development is different for everyone, so too is underdevelopment. You develop uniquely and the restrictions on your development that result in ADHD also occur with uniqueness.

You are an individual … with your very own presentation of ADHD.

Take me …

I myself am a unique individual. There is no one else like me on the face of this planet. (Yes, I hear some of you saying “Thank heaven!” Well, I do.)

But more importantly in today’s discussion is the fact that I have my very own brand of ADHD. I have ADHD V2.2Kelly-1274az923.7! … and I couldn’t share it with you if I wanted to.

Not to put too fine a point on it

There is no such thing as simple ADHD. But there is simply having ADHD. The simple reason that ADHD exists is that our grab bag of symptoms manifest themselves as a group.

Not all the symptoms occur in each of us, and they do not occur to exactly the same degree in every one of us, and they interact with each other differently because of which ones are there and how intense each one is.

I simply have it. So too do you, perhaps.

So, cookies?

Cookies made by a chef with a cookie cutter is what some people see when they look at humanity through the eyes of the statistician. Customers are all the same. Or at least they hope they are because it’s easier to manipulate a group of like entities then a cluster of random intentions.

But us? We are more like the result of a primary school cookie baking class. Each child makes their own dough from the recipe they were handed and then each child forms their cookies free hand.

And the result?

And if the child reads everything perfectly, and if they mix and measure exactly, and if they have the artists hands and form their cookies perfectly, then you might get a normal cookie.

Personally, I want to be one of the cookies made by one of the other kids. I might rise, or I might spread out on the sheet, I may have sprinkles or chocolate chips or nuts or smarties or even raisins.

I may have all of those things, but one thing is certain … there will be no other cookie like me. That makes me smile.

What Kind Of Cookie Are You

Kelly Babcock

I was born in the city of Toronto in 1959, but moved when I was in my fourth year of life. I was raised and educated in a rural setting, growing up in a manner I like to refer to as free range. I live on the traditional lands of the Chippewas of Nawash in an area where my family history stretches back 6 or 7 generations and my First Nations friend's families go back hundreds of generations. I was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 50 and have been both struggling with the new reality and using my discoveries to make my life better. I am a freelance writer and I write two blogs here at Psych Central, one about living with ADHD and one that is a daily positive affirmation that acts as an example of finding the good in as much of my life as I possibly can.

Find out more about me on my website: writeofway.

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