The Things I Remember

Yesterday I had a great idea for a post for today.

I remember thinking it was great, that it was the epitome of ADHD and its issues.

And I remember thinking I couldn’t forget the subject,


Lost In The Laundry Room

You know those maps of the mall? The ones with the arrow that says, “You are here!” printed just beneath it?

You know how useless they can be if you can’t recognize any of the features on the map in your immediate surroundings?


How To Date Someone With ADHD

I think it’s time we gave out some of our secrets.

Well, okay, they aren’t secrets, they’re more like observations that haven’t been made by neuro-typicals.

The NTs aren’t unobservant,


Up Or Down?

I realize that my blog post subjects often depend on my mood.

And I’m sorry about that, since sometimes I’m in a down or depressed mood.

And yet,


Why Is This So Hard

I’m about to go do a little job.

The job involves replacing a switch on my big boat.

I also have to install the battery on it to make sure the switch works.