Why Is It Called ADHD?

Remember when I questioned the use of the word “Deficit” in the name Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder?

I pointed out that we don’t have a deficit of attention,


ADHD Is Easy

There are things in life that are hard. Really hard.

Losing someone you love is hard.

Breaking your back and your heart at a job in order to feed your family and then being fired?


Passion Speaks Through ADHD

I often feel like I’m easily distracted.

I know, no big surprise, right?

But the thing is that in the heat of the moment of distraction I don’t feel like I’m unjustified in being distracted.


Paradocks, The Cottage

We bought a cottage.

I’m not bragging. Okay, yeah, I’m bragging a little bit. But I’m also really just wanting to share my good news.

We bought the place exactly one year and two weeks ago.


If I Had One Wish

You know that game when you were a kid? The one where you get three wishes and you say, “My first wish would be for infinite wishes!”

Or maybe you say,


Deal With It

On several occasions I’ve been asked how people should deal with loved ones who have ADHD.

My knee jerk reaction is to ask how we’re supposed to deal with people who don’t.