Re Search

Have you ever considered that word, “research?”

Yeah, intriguing, isn’t it?

Re, meaning to do over again, and search, meaning to look for something.

The term assumes we had come to a conclusion,


I’m Not Short …

I have had a lovely weekend.

It could have been lovelier, but the fact that it wasn’t was no one’s fault.

It could have been lovelier if there wasn’t an election coming up,


Grab Your Towel …

I’m ready.

Today, May 25th, is towel day in honor of the late, great, Douglas Adams, author of the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy (A trilogy in four parts) comprised of five books.


Three Times A Week

So, I write posts for this blog three times a week.

Important stuff like the following observation.

I’ve been doing this for over six years. I’ve written over a thousand posts.


ADHD Cottage

We spent the weekend at the cottage again.

We do that a lot. I like the cottage and so does my partner. And since our cottage is a year round place,


The One Day Perspective

I remember times when I was all but shut down.

Emotionally, intellectually, even physically, I was not participating.

I was, instead, putting all my effort and all my concentration into willing time to go faster,


Where Do You Belong?

You are an adult with ADHD. You know the feeling of being somewhere that you don’t belong. You know it well.

You didn’t belong in so many groups and organizations didn’t fit in at school,


ADHD Marathon

I’ve never run a marathon.

And I am not ever going to.

If there were ever days of running long distances for me, they’re over, trust me.


Calendars And Coffee

Sounds like that should be a song title, doesn’t it? Or at least a poem.

But it’s actually just two of my more organized and most relied on coping mechanisms.