Organization And ADHD

I know some people with ADHD who have wicked mad skills at organizing. They are brilliant at it.

It occupies their minds and they cannot leave an organizing task incomplete.


Hurrying Through Time

It’s absolutely amazing how fast time passes.

I mean, I have no idea how fast time moves, but when I look back at my childhood and ponder the fact that I was nine years old …


You Inherited What?

Did you know that your ADHD is more likely to be genetically induced?

Are you saying “What the hell does that mean?”

If you are, then I’ll tell you what it means,


Keep It Up

People with ADHD are sometimes wildly successful, and more often not.

Why is that?

Well, the more often not part has many explanations. We get distracted,


In 15 Minutes …

I hate being late. So I usually try to be early.

I also hate to waste time. And these two “hatreds” often clash.

If I have to be somewhere at,


Distractions Help?

On Friday I was discussing how I use my distractions to keep me from being too … me.

I pointed out that when I am aware that I’m an overloaded circuit that has to do everything,


A Way Of Life

I live my life as large as I can.

Well, as large as I can without letting my ADHD take over completely.

I mean, if I could do it without all the negative ramifications,


Sometimes It’s Good

I write about ADHD three days a week. And I dwell on the subject every day of my life.

And there are times when I feel like I’m living a recurring dream that borders on being a nightmare.


Jump Right In

I have ADHD, I’ve mentioned that, right?

And I’ve told you all about instant gratification being a driving force for those of us with this affliction? If I haven’t,