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Here’s a question that really bothers me. Is ADHD really real?

And the reason it bothers me is that the answer, from someone with ADHD, is often, “I think so … maybe?”

And the reason for that is simple.

The reality is …

The reality is that we, the people with ADHD, only know one reality. Our lives may not be normal in the grand scheme of humanity, but if normal means “that which usually is” than we have this little problem.

Our lives are exactly what they usually are. And we don’t know what any other normal feels like.

Listen to yourself

You know how your voice sounds inside your head when you talk? And you know how when you hear yourself on a recording it’s completely wrong? Yeah, that thing.

So when you assume that you are one way, and then someone says, “You know, you’re totally different.” it’s easy to assume that you are what others perceive you to be.

But you aren’t. Or are you? Maybe you’re both?

Both is … good?

Confusing, right? But if someone who isn’t in the medical or mental health profession can question your diagnosis and create doubt in you, then what do you do? Do you decide that you don’t have ADHD after all and stop all the treatment, abandon all your coping strategies?

And if you do, and there are negative effects from that, do you just accept them as part of a normal life? Do you curl up into the fetal position and say to yourself, “I’m just another normal person suffering under the pressure of a normal life.” … do you do that?


There it is. The best question ever. Why would you accept less just to be able to say you’re normal?

And even when you say, “I’m normal.” are you going to be able to believe it? Should anyone believe that normal is a good thing? Or even a thing at all.

What if the truth were that there is no normal, and we, those of us with ADHD, are the luckiest people of all because we are a type of abnormal that can be understood?

Forget the blues …

What if the people who claim to be normal are actually just a mundane grey mass of human goop that defies definition.

I mean … what even is normal? Define that for me, will you?

If you can’t give me a definitive answer to what normal is and what the benefits of “being normal” really are, why would I let you persuade me to believe that I might be one of you?

No thanks, I’m a shiny, healthy, happy person with ADHD.