curling stone

Is it ADHD or not ADHD?

So, you’ve got ADHD. Me too.

And what’s that you say? You’ve made it to the playoffs of what ever sport it is you participate in? Well so have I.

And you’re wondering what all this means? You’re wondering if you got there because of, or in spite of your ADHD?


Well. I’ll be darned. Me also!

And I’m not sure what the answer is. On the one hand, I’d love to think that I’m good enough that I got here in spite of my ADHD. But, it would also be nice if my ADHD was in some way helpful for me.

Let’s review, shall we?

So, my sport is curling. I am Canadian, after all, it was that or hockey, right?

Being in the playoffs isn’t a regular thing for me, but then again, I’ve only been playing for two years.

Late to the party, as it were, but ready to party, I’m happy to keep curling after the end of the regular season because I really do love the game.

Playoff tension

It should be noted that tension and attention are not related normally, but for me, because I cannot control my attention, the tension isn’t really getting to me.

I go out onto the ice, and immediately I’m in the game. When I curl, I’m almost always present, in the moment. Curling is kind of like meditation for me.

Unless there are other games being played nearby, I am in the zone. But I’m so in the zone that I don’t really think about the position of my team in the standings, or what the current game means to those standings.

So …

My hyper-focus keeps my head in the game, and my inattentiveness seems to keep my mind away from what this particular game means to me.

But, I’m only one member of my team, and I’m the least significant at that. No game has ever been won or lost by the rocks I threw.

However, I and my team will gladly tell you it’s hell playing a four person game with only three people, and without the first two rocks of an end (the ones I throw), there would only be six rocks thrown and that’s a pretty boring game with very little strategy.

It’s like this …

I think my ADHD plays a part in my being here, getting ready for what could be the last game of the season tonight. But I think that the part it plays might only be that it is part of me and I take it with me into every situation.

And yes, I sometimes forget what I’m doing. And yes I sometimes make mistakes. And yes, I forgot that I had a game tonight until I was reminded.

So yes, to some extent I’m in this game in spite of my ADHD. But to an almost similar extent, I’m in this game because of my ADHD. You can’t separate me from it, I’m in this game with ADHD.

And the truth is, I’m in this game tonight mostly because I am part of a really good team.