Nothing Left To Say On ADHD

It’s Good Friday, and since the one part of that is “Friday,” that means that it’s also post day for this blog.

And I’ve done all my other writing and work so this is all that’s left to do before I close up my office and start enjoying my “day off.”


Inside The Box

Yesterday I helped my old boss install a ceiling fan. It was in my living room. I had fun.

But it wasn’t done in the traditional way.

When I worked for him,


How ADHD Feels

You want to know how ADHD feels? Well, it feels normal for me, but that’s because it’s the only thing I’ve ever known.

And to be able to tell you how it feels different from being a neuro-typical person (NT) would require me to have experienced that.


Asperger’s ADHD Conundrum

Asperger syndrome can involve impairments to executive function.

ADHD does involve impairments to executive function.

However, Asperger syndrome also includes problems in socializing, repetitive behavior and limited and focused interests,


ADHD – The Reality

Here’s a question that really bothers me. Is ADHD really real?

And the reason it bothers me is that the answer, from someone with ADHD, is often, “I think so …