blank book

What’s the story?

How does this work? Well, much like any other task, the less time my attention is required, the better the outcome.

And yes, I’ve written over a thousand posts, but I’ve done them one at a time … mostly.

But now I’m in a kind of bad place. Not with the blogs I write, with a novel I was working on.

You see, it stopped suddenly and it took me some months to figure out why. Now that I have that figured out, I need to figure out how to fix it.

Broken …

You see, I went and solved almost all of the conflict and the novel is only two-thirds done. The remaining shreds of conflict aren’t enough to hold the writer’s interest, let alone a reader’s interest.

And so the novel was set aside because, unlike when I first started it and it had me in hyperfocus, now I’m just bored.


It took me months to deduce what the problem was because, as stated above, bored!

But the main character in the story has continued to haunt me, asking why he hasn’t had his tale told, and I had no good reason to give him.

So although it took more than a year, my wandering mind would occasionally find its way back to the question, and give it due consideration.


But now that I’ve figured that out, I might be able to save the thing by adjusting the timing and picking up where I left off.

There will be a problem for me in that, while I can edit other peoples work, I get pretty bored working on my own stuff

The reason for that is simple, I wrote it, I know it, I’m ready for something new.

The plan

My hopes are as follows, that the editing will be new and unfamiliar because I’ve left the novel sitting for so long, the edits will be quickly done and I can return to writing again, and lastly that the writing will grab my attention and the hyperfocus will return.

And with any luck, the writing part will happen in the spring so that I can do it on a front porch, a location that was the site of much of the original writing of this work of fiction.

And I do want to finish this story, if for no other reason than to get the main character off my back, he’s persistent and cunning, and I suspect he’ll have his own way by the time this all plays out, but I’d rather it were done out of love than done to appease an angry narrator in a fictional tale.