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But that’s not what I’m talking about …

While I was away, I published my 1000 post.

I’m accepting congratulations for that, but …

It was a post like any other that I’ve written. And since I wrote it before I went on holidays, I wasn’t aware at the time that it was the one thousandth post I had written for this blog.

So, no fanfare occurred, my boss didn’t pat me on the back (we’re not normally in the same building or the same country. When this happened we weren’t even on the same continent), and no mention was made within the post itself.

And quite honestly …

It got what it deserved. It was delivered as it should have been and read by those who found it and needed to hear those words.

And I did something even better than publishing a 1000 post.

I went on vacation.

And no …

I didn’t just take time off and let my mind wander around. I know that’s a great way for someone with ADHD to enjoy a break from routine times, but this was better.

I had a couple of months to plan this, and I planned it rather well.

For instance,

I packed in advance, and then repacked. I went over the things I had packed and then closed my suitcase and called that done.

It’s okay that I forgot to pack a sweater or a sweatshirt, I did have a few days when I could have used either of those things, but I layered up and forgot about it.

I also wrote all the posts for this blog in advance of my two weeks off. That’s why I wrote the thousandth without realizing it.

And let me tell you …

Reading my posts as they came out was kind of fun. I was often surprised by the content. I rather enjoyed the whole experience, and I think that’s a good thing to be doing when on vacation, enjoying oneself, right?

I also made the decision before I left to be myself for those two weeks. I’m a busy, curious, well intentioned person, and that made for fun and adventurous times for me and, I hope, for those I was with over the course of my holidays.

And now I’m back, just like I said I was on Wednesday, though that was a pre-written post. And of all the things you might want to know about how to have a successful vacation with ADHD, the one that I want to reiterate is …

… be yourself. I know that sounds stupid, and in some ways it’s not really what I mean, you should be adventurous and curious and accepting of what comes your way and if that isn’t you, make it you when you vacation.


Don’t be someone you’re not, don’t subjugate your spontaneous nature, don’t chastise yourself for letting your mind wander, don’t grind your own gears for wandering off. Some of the most wonderful things that happened to me during this highly successful vacation happened when I wandered a bit, got distracted, engaged in spontaneity.

What is successful?

And what, you might ask is a successful vacation? Well, the one I just had was a successful vacation. I had fun, a lot of fun, and I was happy to be there, and I was happy to come home again.

And now I know how to go about it next time.