Almost gone …

Actually, it may be that my phone will still work, but I’m not giving out my number. And I hardly ever answer the thing anyway. Text me if you need me.

Okay, I might not answer that either. I also might not get it.

For the first time since I started writing this blog I’m going on a vacation. A real vacation. With sights to see and things to do and a language other than my own to contend with. This is going to be wonderful.

No, I haven’t forgotten …

I know, I’m contractually obligated to publish three posts a week, every week.

And there might be one or two people who are counting on those posts, though if there are such people, they may need a vacation worse than I do.

But here’s the trick, I’ve written them all already. Yep. they’re all done, scheduled, lined up and waiting for their days to be published.

When I get back

When I get back home, I’ll tell you all about what happened. You’ll be the first to hear about it. Oh, the second. First I’ll be telling the people at home all about it.

But I’ll be telling them about the fun I had. I may pass that on to you, my readers, as well, but what I’m hoping to tell you is how I accommodated for the stresses of travel, and how well that worked.

I’m really hoping I don’t come off sounding like that neighbor that goes on holidays and then makes the whole neighborhood endure his slides and long, drawn out soliloquies about where he traveled. I’m really, really hoping I can tell you what worked for me and what didn’t, what I learned about traveling and what I discovered I didn’t know.

No pets …

So I have no pets to leave in the care of those staying behind. And I’m not the one that waters the plants, so they should be as okay as they were before. And I don’t have an office to go to so no one is going to miss me, at least they won’t miss my physical presence at work.

And though I’m hoping that I will be available for maintenance of the things I’m responsible for online, if I’m not, then when things go wrong I won’t know about it.

I’m packed. I’m prepared. I’ve thought of a thousand things and written five or six of them down.

I have my towel

And my jammies and my sneakers and my swim suit and my toothbrush and my …

I’m about to head out for one of the bigger adventures of my life, vacation with ADHD and knowing it. And I intend to love it.

This is going to be good.