What do you remember

… seeing lately?

If I think back to two months ago, maybe trying to remember what movie I watched, I’m at a loss.

I don’t remember what TV shows I might have seen, though it’s a safe bet I didn’t see any that week.

But if you ask me about a specific movie I saw two months ago, I’ll remember that.

That’s part of the inability to manage, or even recognize time. That’s part of my ADHD.

Another part of it is that, I may well remember a certain movie I’ve seen, especially if it was just two months ago, but I will remember different movies in different ways.

Some of them I’ll remember verbatim, long lengths of conversation will flow off my tongue in unison with the actors in the movie.

It’s easy enough

But other movies I’ll recall the plot, the situations, the sub plots, but I can listen to the dialogue while rewatching them, and it’s like I’ve never really heard it before.

I kind of mentally record different movies in different ways.

And which do I prefer?

That’s easy, I prefer the ones where I remember the plots, that way I’m not bored with the dialogue if I watch them again.

But there’s another type of remembering that I do for some movies that is even better.

Emotional recording

I will sometimes remember a movies title, and maybe the characters, a bit of the plot, but little else. Except … I’ll remember how it made me feel.

I’ll remember the emotions, from scene to scene, that I experienced. The whole thing will be familiar, like re-experiencing a recurring dream, but the dialogue and plot and characters will be just that as well, familiar, but not really known.

How does that happen?

I have no idea, but I like it a lot.

It’s like I get to see a show that I’ve read all kinds of reviews about, reviews that were written by someone I trust, me.

So, just movies?

Nope. Books, theater shows, CD’s I find in my truck that went missing months or years earlier, all these things can be remembered in one of several ways.

And if they’re remembered emotionally, I like experiencing those ones the best.

It’s like I know I’m going to enjoy it, but for the life of me I can’t explain why. And that’s just fine with me.

I just wish I could experience people the same way.