Catching some zees

… so tired …

It’s Monday. The weekend was hard. Not my fault, things were all settled for the whole thing to run smoothly, and it didn’t.

Firstly, we were supposed to meet the propane furnace repair man at our other place on Saturday afternoon. He had a cancellation and went to our place in the morning, early, without notifying us … who does that.

When he got there, he couldn’t get in. Duh! So he left, and took us off his list … Who Does That??

What to do?

We still went to the other place, we still had things to do there. Like clear out all the snow. We also planned on spending the night there. We weren’t without heat, just without the main source.

We bundled up and made our way there, and I proceeded to blow out all the snow we needed moved.

Everything was going fine until …

I shut down the blower to add fuel to the tank. When I started it back up, it ran like a top, and the auger and fan worked perfectly.

That old snow didn’t have a chance … except that the wheel drive unit refused to work. The blower wouldn’t move … and the damned snow wouldn’t come to it and cooperatively climb inside and get blown away.

We finished the snow removal by hand with shovels. It seemed like hardly any snow at all, until the blower quit, then it seemed like it would never end.

And then?

The next day we went home and cleaned out the driveway there, also by hand. We also dragged the blower up the hill before going home and shoved and dragged it up the loading ramps into the back of the truck.

By the end of the weekend I was pretty tired. Not like I was going to die or anything, but my eyes were half shut and I was moping around.

And here’s the fun thing

Being tired is a form of physical stress. And stress exacerbates ADHD symptoms. And one of my symptoms is that I rehearse and replay conversations in my head.

But apparently when I’m tired or stressed, while the audio of those rehearsals stays in my head, the emotions and mouth movements play on my face.

My partner finds it somewhat entertaining, and I can understand that. In fact, I’d find it entertaining too, if I were aware I was doing it.

But I’m not. I’m too tired to be aware.

And oh, look at that … it’s snowing again.