ADHD standards

Nope. There’s none

So look, if you’re not a psychiatrist or a psychologist or someone in mainstream mental health care, and you don’t have ADHD, do me a favor, please? Stop weighing in. Really. Shut UP!

I’m tired of memes that suggest discipline is a cure for ADHD. I’m tired of people claiming that they would have been diagnosed as ADHD if they had been allowed to do what they wanted. I’m tired of people suggesting diet and parenting and school policies can either cause or cure ADHD.

Stop telling me you can train my brain. Stop telling me you have an “all natural” cure. Let me remind you that manure, opium, arsenic, uranium, poison ivy, and botulism are all “all natural” and none of those things will cure much.

You want to help?

Good, so ask me what would help the masses of people with ADHD.

No, wait. Don’t bother asking. I’m going to tell you.

It’s this easy …

Educate yourself about some things. Let’s start with what ADHD is.

ADHD is a divergence in the development of the brain. It usually involves several significant areas of the brain but primarily it affects the frontal lobe.

Because it is not a controlled divergence, it exhibits itself in an infinite array of results.

Ergo …

… and this is really important … NO TWO OF US ARE ALIKE!!!

So yes, you will hear many of us comparing notes and yes, we will share lots in common.

But if you listen closer, you’ll hear that many of us don’t speak up when something is mentioned, or we’ll say that we’re the exact opposite from that.

I know people who …

I have lots of friends who are diagnosed with ADHD. I know some who are neat-freaks, everything has to be in order, everything in its place. That’s not most of us, that’s just them.

Some of us procrastinate. Okay, probably most of us do, but not all of us.

Most of us respond to stimulant medication. Some don’t.

Most of us require a structure of coping mechanisms … okay, all of us require a structure of coping mechanisms, but we don’t all require the same structure. Wouldn’t that be an easy fix?

So what am I saying?

Well, it’s pretty simple. Stop making blanket statements that show how little you know about ADHD. ADHD has no standard.

Stop talking about me as if I’m just one of a few million people who are all in need of your special insight. The standards you are judging are imaginary.

And stop talking about us as if we’re broken.

We are not!

We’re not the ones pretending that this thing doesn’t exist in the face of mounting scientific evidence that it does.

Well, actually, some of us are among the ranks of those who deny its existence. But that just makes it sadder that they could be helped and don’t see it.

Because there is no standard presentation of ADHD, there is no standard cure or treatment. And because there is no standards for ADHD, there is no way you can possibly describe us or our “cure” in your clever meme.